How Form Leads and Open Enrollment Go Hand-in-Hand

Each year millions of Americans have the opportunity to make changes to their health insurance policies during the six-week open enrollment period from November 1 through December 15. Since this is the only time of the year when consumers can make policy updates or switches in health insurance plans without a major qualifying life event, health insurance providers must move quickly to attract prospects during this short time frame of opportunity.

This year more than ever, consumers are shopping for health insurance plans that best fit their healthcare needs. Although the supply of consumers looking to make changes to their health insurance can be abundant during an open enrollment-focused campaign, the competition is also fierce. Many health insurance carriers are attempting to reach prospects at scale and convert them into new customers at the same time. With high costs, confusing jargon, and a variety of health factors to consider, buyers often feel lost of where to go. While insurance companies do their best to educate their potential customers, there’s always a limit as to how many consumers they can reach on their own.

Lead Forms = Opportunities

With the pandemic still in full-effect, health insurance buyers are turning to online and over the phone to gather information about potential health insurance plans and their rates. This is where affiliate marketing and data leads really come into play. By using a lead generation network, health insurance companies can amplify their reach quickly and efficiently, without taking valuable time away from their sales teams.

Experienced affiliates (also known as publishers) know where consumers are searching, and can target content specific to their needs. Picture this: a consumer searches up health insurance information online and comes across an ad or a landing page with information they need to know in order to purchase a health insurance plan. They then fill out a form with relevant information to be contacted at a later date. The insurance company gets the lead, and the publisher gets a commission for generating it. It’s a win-win for both ends of the deal.

The time constraints of open enrollment create high-earning opportunities for both the publisher and health insurance companies. Both parties are trying to earn the most within the time frame, and the use of an affiliate program helps them do just that.

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Generating Quality Leads

Successful publishers know where to find new health insurance consumers, when they’re most likely to take action, and how to create a great insurance shopping experience for them. Affiliates on our network are skilled in reaching potential buyers effectively. This is often done through content marketing, paid ads, or even dedicated websites.

When prospective health insurance customers raise a hand to get help choosing a policy, they do so by entering their contact information into a form and clicking “submit” to start the process. They have shown intent of purchasing a plan, and have entered information that is helpful to connect them to an insurance provider that fits their needs. Health insurance companies can also have peace of mind that all of the leads generated through our network are TCPA compliant.

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Publisher Tips for Generating Leads

When timing is accelerated, every impression, open and click counts. There are a few things that publishers can do that create a sense of urgency for consumers to nudge them towards purchasing a health insurance policy.

  1. Know your audience. Who exactly are you trying to entice to take action? A family of 4 with no health complications to consider, or a single mom with an asthmatic toddler? Creating a buyer persona for each one of your ads can help you develop creatives that speaks directly to them and their needs. Images, copy and channels can all come into play. By enabling prospects to engage with relevant content, you’re more likely to gain more conversions.

  2. Be sure to use language that incites users to take action quickly. The use of dates or countdowns can be extremely effective to encourage prospects to make moves.

  3. Test, tweak, then test again. There’s no one way to grab the attention of potential leads. It’s crucial to constantly test different images. headlines, copy, and landing pages to determine what works best for your specific audience. A/B testing is an easy and effective way to do this, and often, the results might contradict what you originally planned.

Open Enrollment has already started, but that doesn’t mean the opportunities to earn are over. As the enrollment period goes on, insurance companies are even more eager to draw in as many leads as possible. Now get out there and run those campaigns!

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