How Health Insurance and Medicare Providers Can Take Advantage of Open Enrollment Periods

Each year during Open Enrollment, there is a large increase in callers looking to connect with health insurance and medicare supplement providers. As a provider, it’s important to take advantage of this opportunity. With open enrollment only a few weeks away, you’ll want to make sure you start prepping your business now.

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Step One: Put Adequate Information On Your Website

When consumers are looking for a new health insurance or medicare supplement plan, the first step they will do is go online. When browsing through different provider’s websites, consumers will spend more time on the websites with adequate information. They will want to know about their current plans, but also updates they can add to their current plans and potential new ones available to them. By providing enough information on your website, people are able to compare plans across companies for their initial research. As a bonus, when you provide more information on your website SERPs are more likely to rank your website higher if you’re using the right keywords meaning more web traffic.

Step Two: Make Your Business Easy to Call

Put your phone number in as many places as you can. People still like to contact businesses to talk to a person rather than inquire through email, chat, or in-person. Having a person-to-person conversation makes it easier to ask questions and receive answers immediately. Open enrollment is offered for a short period of time, so consumers want to reach providers easily and will eliminate those who are difficult to contact.

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Step Three: Prep Your Business for Higher Than Normal Traffic

Whether you’re a season professional, or a newbie to the industry, don’t disregard the number of consumers who will be trying to contact your business during open enrollment period. Have your staff prepped and ready to answer calls. Both accuracy and efficiency will be important during this period. People will have a ton of questions meaning call duration will increase and so will wait times. To further prevent long wait times, have your staff well-trained on your plans and the application process to heighten efficiency.

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Step Four: Be Open to Change

As each open enrollment period rolls around, your business will learn different tricks of the trade. If you find something that worked last year no longer works this year, ditch it and find a new strategy. The health insurance and medicare supplement industry is constantly changing and so are the consumers, so don’t be opposed to change!

As a health insurance or medicare supplement provider, you’ve probably dealt with open enrollment in prior years. This time period is always chaotic, but by taking necessary steps to prep you can ensure your business is ready.

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