How Pay Per Call Helps Your Small Retail Business Grow

Take a walk through any American mall or outdoor outlet center and you’ll see major retail brands such as Nike, Under Armor, GAP, and Abercrombie. While advertising and marketing is easy for companies like these with deep budgets, your small retail business has to get creative to compete. Fortunately, Pay Per Call marketing is the perfect tool for small businesses to grow their business and generate greater revenues. The question is, why Pay Per Call?

Conversations Matter!

Consumers find your business by visiting a location and seeing your store, conducting an online search, or learning by word of mouth. However, the greatest weapon in your arsenal is a voice-to-voice conversation. For all the interactions a customer will have on the path to purchase, speaking to you (or your employees) has proven the most influential in turning a prospective client into a purchasing customer. In fact, phone conversations lead to conversion rates of 30-50%, compared to 1-2% for clicks.

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Customers Want, and Need, to Talk

Pay Per Call marketing not only benefits your business, it benefits consumers as well. While email and online submission forms provide a means for customers to contact your business with inquiries, Pay Per Call marketing offers them an option for making direct contact with you or your employees. Believe it or not, this matters. 75% of consumers report that phone calls are the quickest way to get a response from a company.

More importantly, Pay Per Call marketing generates greater confidence in your brand with consumers. Some 51% of consumers report “frequently” calling a business from a mobile search ad to learn more, while 61% say a call is the most valuable step in the purchase phase. Customers want answers, and cannot always get those from online submission forms and static content on a website.

Phone Calls Offer Insight

Initiating a Pay Per Call marketing campaign for your small retail business provides insight that will help grow your business over time. The number of phone calls to business has grown each year in the 21st century through 2014. You’ll a lot about the behavior of your customers too with Pay Per Call marketing, such as the fact that Tuesday is the most popular day of the week for calls, with 48% more than the average Sunday.

Pay Per Call marketing is an excellent source of revenue, brand identity, and growth for any business. By working with a distribution partner, you can develop a Pay Per Call campaign that suits your small retail business, establish geo-targeting locations to focus on your local area, and drive genuine leads that help your business grow.

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