How to Capitalize on Pay Per Call Marketing

The Pay Per Call industry is growing rapidly, leading more businesses to adopt marketing campaigns that seek to drive calls and generate revenue. Each day there are new companies signing up to use Pay Per Call without understanding how to capitalize on their marketing efforts using this exciting tool. Like everything else in life, you cannot simply start a campaign and leave it to run its course unchecked. With a few helpful guidelines, you can capitalize on Pay Per Call and get the most out of your marketing dollars.

1. Understand the Value of Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call isn’t successful because people prefer to speak with a professional directly, but rather because their need is urgent. The industries that experience the greatest success with Pay Per Call (home services, travel, etc.) benefit because consumers become impatient surfing the web. If consumers can use a click-to-call feature on a mobile device or call a number listed in a web advertisement, they will do so rather than reading through lengthy “About Us” or “Services Offered” sections of your website.

Capitalize on that need by making your Pay Per Call campaign number a shining beacon in all of your advertisements. You can still advertise your website and quick facts, but make sure your phone number is big and bold. This will catch the eye of consumers weary from searching. Taking advantage of the urgency is Pay Per Call’s true value.

2. Use Multiple Numbers Across Different Verticals

Most publishing partners allow businesses to use different 1-800 numbers for various campaigns. For example, the number that appears in mobile ads for your business is different than print, which is different than web ads, and so on. Use these different phone numbers to identify the vertical driving the best leads to your company.

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If the number connected to your mobile campaign drives the highest number of quality leads, capitalize on that vertical by redirecting marketing spend to that Pay Per Call campaign and away from underperforming verticals. If you aren’t using different numbers, it is difficult (if not impossible) to track strong verticals and results in wasted marketing dollars.

3. Increase Revenue and Grow Your Database

Once you’ve got consumers on the phone, you’ve got an opportunity to further increase your revenue and grow your lead database. Your Pay Per Call campaign has succeeded in getting a consumer to call in, now capitalize on that by working to upsell the consumer on better (or more comprehensive) services and take the opportunity to cross sell items related to the service the consumer needs. Look beyond the immediate sale, and you might be able to create additional revenue from the call while adding new consumers to your contact database.