How to Connect Your Customers to Qualified Auto Technicians

There’s nothing more frustrating for a consumer than having to find a qualified auto technician when their vehicle needs work. For small insurance agencies and/or national auto repair brands, connecting customers with qualified technicians is the name of the game. When your customers struggle to call a local auto technician, you can help connect the two sides.

Ask for Referrals

We can’t all possibly know who the best local auto technicians are in each area, so there’s no shame in using referrals as part of your digital strategy. Reach out to previous customers for information on auto technicians they’ve used and enjoyed the experience of using. This will help you build a network of qualified auto technicians to connect the next customer to when they’re looking for a local auto technician.

Share Testimonials and Reviews

Sometimes consumers need a little nudge, and a lot of them will take the initiative to do research on their own. You can stay one step ahead of the consumer by sharing testimonials and reviews of local auto technicians you’ve already used so your customers know to reach out to you in the first place. When you have an existing network of technicians, your customers know to contact you when they need to call a local auto technician.

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Actively Promote

You never know when a customer might need body work on their vehicle. If you’re actively promoting your service online, through digitals ads or social media feeds, your preemptively planting the seed in the consumer’s mind that you have a connection to qualified local auto technicians. That will be at the forefront of their mind the next time they find themselves in need of such as service.

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Use Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call can loop your efforts together. Using the right keywords and geo-targeting within local areas you operate, you’ll be able to get ads for your service in front of consumers looking to call a local auto technician, and they’ll ring through to your company. You can think connect them to the qualified auto technician they need to provide them with the appropriate services.

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