How to Create an Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Pay Per Call Campaign

Pay Per Call campaigns don’t exist in a vacuum. Just because you setup a campaign to drive more calls to your business does not mean it will work on its own once established. Pay Per Call requires an effective marketing strategy to spread the word about your business, getting your phone number in front of the eyeballs of consumers. So, what steps should you take?

Select the Right Medium

By now, you likely know from other digital marketing schemes you use which mediums are best at reaching your consumers. Based upon the industry you operate in, your message likely reaches different customers in a different manner. For example, if you have a young audience that is tech savvy, mobile and social media advertising can help you launch a Pay Per Call campaign that connects with your audience. Conversely, if you have an older audience, Pay Per Call campaigns might be better suited for marketing strategies that include direct mailers, email newsletters, and Yellow Pages ads.

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Capture and Analyze Call Data

Once you’ve selected a medium and rolled out your Pay Per Call campaign, it’s imperative to analyze the data from your marketing strategy to ensure you’re using the best mediums to spread your message. There will be a lot of data coming in, but pay particular attention to the following:

  • Source that drove the call (direct mailer, email newsletter, mobile ad, etc.)
  • Phone number and geographic location of the caller
  • Day and time of the call
  • Device and browser ad was viewed on

This data will help you fine tune your keyword bidding on future marketing strategies and target ads to the right channels

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Adjust and Refine

At this point in the process, your focus should be on adjusting and refining your marketing strategy. For example, if caller data suggests your ads are performing best in a particular geographic location during specific times of day, you can adjust your marketing strategy in reaction. Using geo-targeting, you can ensure your ads appear prominently in that geographic area during the times of day/days of the week that had previous strong performance.

Likewise, you can use caller data to figure out which mediums have performed best in your Pay Per Call campaign to date. If mobile ads and social media promotions have generated the most calls, you can move marketing spend away from mediums such as direct mailers or email newsletters if they’re underperforming to focus your funds on high-quality leads from mediums with strong performance.

Follow the data and it will help you build an effective marketing strategy for your Pay Per Call campaign, while also providing data feedback that enables you to stay on target with your marketing efforts.

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