How To Get Started With Pay Per Call in 2017

The holidays are a distant memory; now faded to a haze of heavy meals and frenzied shopping for gifts for friends and family. As your attention turns to your small business again in 2017, there’s no time like the present to think about launching your very first Pay Per Call campaign. If you still aren’t familiar with Pay Per Call, or need a refresher on its value, here are a few reasons to get started with Pay Per Call in 2017…

Why Use Pay Per Call?

We’re not necessarily suggesting that just because your friends jump off a bridge, you should follow suit. However, Pay Per Call is an increasingly popular (and powerful) tool used by businesses big and small. By the end of 2016, Pay Per Call marketing spend was set to surpass $4.5 billion annually, and drive 162 billion calls from smartphones to businesses by 2019. Need one last stat? Nearly 54% of all calls to business come from mobile marketing efforts such as Pay Per Call. Still think it’s not worth your time?

Where to Start?

There are a lot of places you could start, but the first place you should start is with a publisher who understands what a quality call means to your business. Call length and result are different for every business.Consider this:

  • Auto mechanic shops define a quality call as a short call that results in an appointment for service.
  • Similarly, an insurance broker would consider a quality call a longer one in which details of a potential client are recorded and initials questions are asked. This could take upwards of five to ten minutes, but the conversion result is the same: an appointment for a sit down.

A good publisher understands the Pay Per Call needs of your company, and can help you tailor a marketing campaign to meet those demands and drive quality calls to your business.

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Set Parameters

This starts with defining a good a call for your business, as highlighted in the bullet points above. Once you’ve done so, you can set further parameters for your Pay Per Call campaign such as:

  • Where ads are ideally run – mobile, desktop, social media, banner ads, etc
  • When ads are ideally run – are you a 9-5 business or do you have longer hours? Make sure ads run when someone is there to answer the phone!
  • Define conversions so you accurately payout to a publisher for the right kind of call.

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Always Review Performance

Whether your Pay Per Call campaign is two weeks old or 6 months old, don’t forget to take the time to review the performance. Just because your hyped for a new Pay Per Call campaign in 2017 doesn’t mean you’re assured success. Analyze the results of your Pay Per Call campaign on a regular basis so you can make the tweaks necessary to ensure an efficient, successful campaign.

When it doubt, contact your publisher with questions to ensure you’re getting most out of your Pay Per Call experience!

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