How to Get Started with Pay Per Call Marketing

Pay per call marketing is really starting to grow and become a profitable marketing method for performance marketers. With the recent growth in mobile traffic and smartphone users, mobile pay per call and mobile click to call has become a viable and profitable marketing channel. There are a number of unique pay per call campaigns and creative ways of marketing those offers.

Affiliates are finding real success with pay per call marketing and many publishers are having success with pay per call on mobile search via Bing and Google. This is a great way to get started, but as you mature and grow as a publisher you’ll want to move on to more display traffic on mobile sites and apps via ad networks, like JumpTap.

If you’re ready to get started or want to give it a try you should sign up at and we’ll call you to get your approved and started. There are some important details to know in order to set you up for success with pay per call. Below are a couple of videos to help explain how to get started on Ring Partner and how to get your tracking phone numbers.

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Get Your Pay Per Call Tracking Numbers (Short Version)

Get Your Pay Per Call Tracking Numbers (Long Version)