How to Improve the Quality of Your Customer Service with Inbound Calls

Despite the rising prominence of mobile phones as a multifaceted tool in the consumer arsenal, the need for certain consumers to place a phone call directly to your brand still exists. With email, live chat, and even social media providing a new platform, there are still consumers who prefer to hear a voice because they are likely in a different stage of the buying process. If you want to improve customer service with inbound calls, you should consider the following steps.

Make it Easier to Call

With so much focus on live chat, email, and social media interactions, some companies have gotten lazy in promoting inbound calls to their customers. Position the toll-free number for your company at the bottom of product and pricing pages, or right below CTAs. Consumers with more questions and consideration ahead of a purchase require a voice channel, but they’ll give up or experience poor customer service if it isn’t clear exactly which number they can call to get those answers. Don’t miss out on the phone calls that can convert leads to loyal clients. 

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Staff Qualified and Able Voice Agents

This might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth noting. Simply accepting phone calls isn’t going to result in good customer service with inbound calls. You need to filter calls to qualified, capable voice agents who can make each and every customer that calls in feel important. The quality of the voice channel and ability of your voice agents matters more than the accessibility of an agent or the simple ability to speak to one.

Use Call Analytics

Your customer service with inbound calls can be greatly improved simply by using call data to learn from mistakes when they do happen. Inbound calls provide a wealth of valuable information on consumers, and when you use call analytics to look at incoming calls and gauge the level of customer satisfaction with those calls, you’re better able to improve, broaden, and otherwise change your inbound call processes for improved customer service.


Invest in CRM Tools

Customer relationship management tools are also beneficial to your business. You can further improve your customer service with inbound calls to housing personal and social customer data collected, and in some case recorded, during each call. This allows any agent to pull up customer history with your company the moment they call, streamlining the process and making it easier to answer consumer questions faster.

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