How to Incorporate Video Content Into Pay Per Call Campaigns

Pay Per Call is a valuable marketing asset to any business. When brands are seeking enhanced visibility and better interaction with customers, Pay Per Call is often the tool used to achieve both goals. As digital marketing changes and advances though, Pay Per Call needs to keep up. In fact, video content is projected to account for more than 80% of all web traffic by the 2019 calendar year. So, with video growing exponentially in importance, how can it be incorporated into Pay Per Call campaigns?

Post Video Content to Social Media

Social media is already an important part of any digital marketing puzzle. Pay Per Call is often used in tandem with social media because an increasing number of social media users access social media from mobile devices. By posting video content to social media Pay Per Call campaigns, brands can increase visibility through shares. The eMarketing Institute points out that social media video content generates 1,200% more shares than text and images combined! Need more encouragement to use video content in social media Pay Per Call? Facebook users are watching 100 million hours of video every day, proving the value of video to modern consumers.

Add Video Content in Email Marketing

Email marketing is another tool that is often used along with Pay Per Call to reach consumers on mobile devices. Consumers increasingly check email on mobile devices rather than desktop, and the simple inclusion of video into the content of a Pay Per Call email can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. Further, brands can make the simple addition of “video” into the subject line to pique curiosity. Does it work? It’s been found that the use of “video” in the subject line can:

  • Increase open rates by 19%
  • Increase click-through rates on the email itself by 65%
  • Decrease unsubscribes by 26%

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Embed Videos on Landing Pages

A well-organized landing page plays a big role in Pay Per Call. With the simple addition of a click-to-call feature, landing pages contribute to the success of Pay Per Call. When video content is embedded on landing pages, conversion rates jump by 80%. The trend is becoming clear: consumers enjoy interacting with video content.

Reasons to Use Video Content in Pay Per Call

Above we’ve covered how video content can be incorporated into Pay Per Call campaigns, but there is a question that remains. Why should brands integrate video content into Pay Per Call? Well, first and foremost, video content promotes brand recall. Even if consumers don’t interact with a Pay Per Call add immediately, the use of video content in Pay Per Call campaigns can help consumers recall the brand later on and return later on as a converting customers.

Video content also helps boost a website’s SEO standings. Some 65% of consumers visit a brand website after viewing video content. One of the most important benefits of video content is its cross-platform performance. Video is suitable for consumer consumption and interaction on mobile phones, tablets, and computers, expanding brand reach and making marketing content more user-friendly. Finally, brands can “go viral” with video content. Roughly 92% of consumerswho view mobile videos share them with others.

The writing is on the wall. Video is not going anywhere, which means marketers need to find ways to adapt to its continued prominence. The information above can help marketers successfully integrate video into Pay Per Call campaigns.

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