How to Leverage Smartphone Applications for Pay Per Call Campaigns

It’s no secret that mobile-based advertisements drive higher call response rates than other standard methods. Smartphones provide users with quick access to information on the go, which allows mobile consumers to complete any number of actions instantaneously, be it purchasing movie tickets or speaking with a school representative.

Mobile local search remains one of the most effective methods for promoting Pay Per Call campaigns, also making it one of the most saturated markets to date. Affiliates that are attempting to enter the world of keyword bidding are going to find it challenging to produce a moderate ROI without first breaking the bank.

While mobile search is one of the more popular methods for leveraging smartphone usage other equally effective methods do exist. iPhone and Android applications receive just as much, if not more, attention from the smartphone user demographic. Countless people from every walk of life use their smartphones on a daily basis, and renting application ad space is significantly cheaper than paying per click, per keyword.

Naturally there are various tradeoffs; when utilizing local search it is easy to assume that the individual searching for “online education” might be at least slightly interested in pursuing an online degree, making the decision to advertise EDU based offers a no-brainer. Unfortunately when creating an advertising campaign for smartphone applications you cannot take advantage of keywords thanks to the display only network that the applications run on. The customization options are drastically reduced but do allow you to determine what genre of applications your advertisement is displayed on.

Understanding what your “perfect lead” is comprised of, rather than just what they might search for, is the key to a high ROI when using smartphone application advertising. Consider a Tax Assistance campaign, what demographics would the “perfect lead” for that campaign fall into? Typically someone who is 30+ years old, belongs to the middle to upper-middle class, and remains politically active. 

Using this knowledge to only have advertisements displayed on applications that our “perfect lead” would use can be the difference between a mediocre ROI and a phenomenal one.

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Written by Mark Benya