How To Motivate Pay Per Call Publishers

For many merchants, it’s easy to fall into a rut when managing an performance marketing campaign. This tendency to become complacent over time is a major problem in a marketing realm like Pay Per Call where changes come on fast and hard. If you’re an advertiser, attracting Publishers to your campaigns and motivating them to operate at peak productivity should be one of your primary concerns. The following tactics have been proven to be highly effective in this regard.

Offer Periodic Commission Bonuses

Nothing sparks an Publisher’s imagination and ingenuity like the prospect of making more money. If you turn a bonus opportunity into a game, it’s likely that you’ll see greater activity and participation on the part of Publishers. Regularly increase commission rates for referrals made within a given period of time to give a “lightning round” feel to sales drives. It’s a fun way to mix things up and boost leads when they’re needed most.

Disproportionately Reward Top Earners

The so-called 80/20 rule, otherwise known as Pareto’s Law, pops up in just about every industry you can think of at one point or another. By now, you’ve probably noticed that a comparatively small number of Publishers are responsible for the bulk of your most promising leads. One can push such “super Publishers” into overdrive by ratcheting up their piece of the pie if they reach a carefully determined threshold level of sales.

Familiarize Publishers with the Product

Many if not most top Publishers are dispassionate marketers that don’t need to be intimately familiar with a product or service to effectively promote it. Regardless, it never hurts to encourage Publishers to know the offer inside and out. Send promising Publishers a free product or a subscription to the service you’re looking to promote. Hands-on experience with your goods and services will enable Publishers to better understand the leads they’re trying to convert.

Provide Outstanding Sales Tools

Professional Pay Per Call Publishers that have been in the game for awhile know how to promote any offer no matter how challenging. You can make their life a little easier and in turn quickly ramp up leads by giving them a few extra tools to attract customers. You may want to consider doling out a handful of special coupon codes to top marketers and making an array of specialty landing pages available to all Publishers.

Ask Publishers What They’d Like

Ultimately, communication is the cornerstone of all fruitful relationships between advertisers and publishers. If you demonstrate to Publishers that you care about their success more than the average merchant, they’re likely to invest more of their time and energy into promoting your offers. Periodically ask your Publishers for their opinions on your campaigns and use the feedback you receive to optimize offers. You’ll be surprised at the reaction you get simply from reaching out.

Keeping the Troops Happy

As the field general of your army of Publisher mercenaries, your leadership or lack thereof can often determine whether your campaigns succeed or fail. Of course, it’s a lot easier to manage and motivate Publishers if you start out with an all-star team. Using a reputable, high-quality Pay Per Call ad network to organize campaigns is the most hassle-free way to ensure that the Publishers that show up to play are in it to win it.

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