How to Optimize a Pay Per Call Campaign

Not able to succeed with pay per call? Having trouble with Google Enhanced? Not able to turn the corner with your display campaign? You have options with Ring Partner and you may be able to improve performance by optimizing how each call is handled.

If you’re new to pay per call marketing then you likely don’t know about the many options you have to optimize your campaign for better earnings and bigger profits. Below are a list of a few things you can do to optimize your pay per call campaign and turn your failing campaign in to a winner. We’re not talking about how to optimize your Google campaign, banner ads or landing pages, but rather how to optimize your campaign at the call level and introduce multiple revenue streams and/or better filter your callers for improved monetization.

Use a Call Promotion

One of the best possible ways to optimize your pay per call campaign is with a call promotion. A call promotion will allow you to detect a number of details about the caller and redirect them based on their location, time, if they are a repeat caller, etc. Ask your Ring Partner Account Manager to activate call promotions in your account.

With a call promotion you can use the text to speech feature and just type out what you want your Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to say, but we highly recommend using a custom recording with music. You will simply need to save an mp3 file and upload it to the Ring Partner system.

Your IVR is your landing page and it’s your opportunity to sell the caller on the offer and get them excited about the product or service.

You can see a sample of one of our in-house recordings here. If you need a recording just ask!

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Repeat Callers

Most campaigns on Ring Partner do not pay out for repeat callers. So, before you connect the call to the advertiser you can find another way to monetize that caller. Using a call promotion you can detect if the caller is a repeat and potentially send them a text message or redirect them to another offer.

Keyword Insertion IVR

Yes, you can do dynamic keyword insertion with pay per call. The down side, it’s a pretty manual process, but it can be worth it. Once you’ve made a call promotion you can create duplicate with a similar recording and insert a keyword in to the recording that matches your ad group or keyword from your traffic source.

For example. If you have 5 ad groups for a tech support campaign, like virus, printers, malware, drivers, and PC, you could record an IVR that says something like – “Thank you for calling Premium Tech Support. We help solve your tech issues, fast! If you’re having trouble with a computer [virus], press 1 to speak with a [virus] removal expert. For all other tech support issues please press 2.” Then you could re-record the same message and insert “malware” for [virus] and use that call promotion for the malware ad group.

This method is worth the time and definitely helps bridge the gap between your niche market and the offer to help the callers feel more comfortable with the offer, just like dynamic keyword insertion on your landing page would do.

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Send a Text Message

Once we’ve enabled call promotions on your Ring Partner publisher account you’ll have the ability to use a call promotion to send a text message to your callers. You can use this as another revenue stream and send them to a mobile affiliate offer or application, or send a tracking phone number to another pay per call campaign. You’ll simply need to mention in your recording that by pressing 9 the caller could have a text message sent to their phone. For landline phones this step is skipped and you can choose to send the text immediately or by a set time duration, like 20 minutes or 1 day after the call.

Other Optimization Methods

Some other methods of optimization for pay per call campaigns would be to use Ring Pools, but they can only be implemented on your landing page and not directly on a click to call link. You should also review your traffic and see if you are driving traffic that cannot be monetized, like customer service or help/support callers.


Learn more about Call Promotions by watching this video on the Ring Partner YouTube channel.