How to Use Bing Ads for Your Pay Per Call Campaign

When it comes to using online advertising platforms, a lot of marketers turn to the goliath that is Google for its AdWords service. While Google recently added Call-Only ads to boost Pay Per Call efficiency for digital marketers, Bing Ads offers similar services to help marketers diversify their reach and capture consumer attention across yet another search platform. Unsure how to use Bing Ads as part of your Pay Per Call campaign? We can help with some great starter tips!

Select the Right Type of Call Extension

Bing Ads uses call extension to enable Pay Per Call as a part of your market strategy with You can choose where your number displays in these ads and how it is seen. The two options are as follows:

  • All Devices: this splashes your forwarding number onto all ads in your market strategy across PCs, tablets, and smartphones. You can select a local or toll-free number depending on where your displaying these ads geographically, and Bing call tracking is activated. This means you’ll receive analytics on call type, duration, and area code, as an example.
  • Smartphone Only: as the name suggests, this is for Pay Per Call ads designed with mobile phones in mind. You select your own click-to-call phone number to display and receive click reporting only. However, you do get access to a Bing Ads exclusive: free Skype calls for PC and tablet users.

Choose the Right Keywords

All Pay Per Call campaigns require smart keyword choice to help your ads land in front of the consumers actually seeking your product/service, or something similar within your industry. Not sure how to select the best keywords? Bing Ads actually offers its own keyword planner to help you find the right keywords, geographic locations, and bids to ensure a successful market strategy. Learn more from Bing Ads here.

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Consider Location Extensions

Your Pay Per Call campaign efforts through Bing Ads can reach target customers across geographic boundaries. If you have a specific location you want to target though, Bing Ads offers location extensions to help you attract customers in the local area. Best of all, the ads can be set up with relevant local information to engage customers before they even call or visit.

Google might be viewed as the gold standard with AdWords, but Bing Ads offers a valuable second market strategy to help you reach customers with your Pay Per Call campaign that might prefer Bing search services.

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