How to Use Google AdWords New Ad Rotation Setting

As on-point as some advertising schemes might appear, your best efforts sometimes fall flat with consumers. When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook Messenger Ads, and Pay Per Call, testing new ideas in your advertisements is a must over time. Including multiple ads in your marketing rollout allows you to see which ones perform better, and eventually you can create better ads from the get go. Google recently announced big changes for its Ad Rotation settings, and here’s what you need to know going forward so your Pay Per Call campaigns remain on-point.

Just Two Ad Rotation Settings

Google’s changes to Ad Rotation settings take effect September 25, 2017. The first of these is a change to supporting just two types of ad rotation settings: optimize and rotate indefinitely. Here’s how both work:

  • Optimize prefers your best performing ads and will use Google’s machine learning tech to deliver the best ads with the highest potential for performance in an ad group.
  • Rotate indefinitely will continue rotating your ads without any favor towards those that perform better.

In the process, Google is retiring the options to “optimize for conversions” and “rotate evenly.” Any campaign still using “optimize for clicks,” “optimize for conversions,” and “rotate evenly” come September 25th will be switched to “Optimize.” For successful, long running social media marketing or Facebook Messenger Ads, it’s best to leave your settings in “Optimize.” The option to “Rotate indefinitely” is ideal for new ad rollouts, with Google using a 90-day period to test results.

Be Aware of Bidding Strategies

If you’re currently using smart bidding strategies in AdWords, such as Google’s Enhanced CPC, Target CPA, or Target ROAS, your Pay Per Call ads will always be set to “Optimize” regardless of how you set your ad rotation settings.

Better Management Options

Managing your ad rotation settings just got easier with Google’s changes. You can now manage the new ad rotation settings from the campaign and ad group level, giving you better control over your ad display at varying levels of your marketing plan.

Pay close attention to these changes in the ad rotation settings. Your social media marketing and Pay Per Call campaigns could be impacted by the changes if you don’t adapt. If you’re currently using rotation settings that won’t align properly during the changes, focus on the first section above and get a handle on how you’d prefer your ads to appear. Then make the necessary changes to ensure your marketing campaigns remain optimized for success.

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