How to Use YouTube Marketing for Your Pay Per Call Campaign

YouTube was once viewed as an online outlet for the weirdest, or most mundane, videos one could expect to find on the World Wide Web. The reality of YouTube today is that it offers businesses an excellent outlet for video advertising. Sure, cat videos might be a dominant force on YouTube, but the site boasts 1.5 billion monthly viewers (Fortune). With plenty of eyeballs watching, how can you use YouTube marketing with your Pay Per Call efforts?

Aim to Entertain, not Promote

That might seem counterintuitive, but bear with us a moment. By all means, YouTube marketing is used to help promote your brand and/or products. However, your videos should focus on providing some entertainment factor to the viewers. The goal is to get more consumers engaging with your brand. On YouTube, this means driving views, increasing the chances of interaction (comments or likes), and getting viewers to share your video. You can promote your business better with entertainment than bland video promotions for a product.

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Don’t Ignore the Description Field

Really? Focus on the description field? Yes! Believe it or not, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Proper use of the description field can help boost your videos visibility during searches. More importantly, you can include links in this field to your business social media profiles, website, and blog. In this way, you can link your YouTube marketing into your Pay Per Call campaigns.

Take a NAP

YouTube marketing involves much more than the videos you upload to your account. Just like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, your YouTube marketing takes place through an account page. It’s important to clearly list your business name, address, and phone number on your YouTube account. This lends legitimacy to your account among viewers, and helps with your Google rankings as well. Google favors those profiles with clear, concise, and complete information. Not only does this help boost your visibility in search rankings, but it also gives you another chance to link your YouTube marketing efforts back to your Pay Per Call.

Overall, YouTube is a great place to spread awareness of your products and personalize your brands. YouTube marketing might focus on videos, but you can tie those efforts into your greater Pay Per Call marketing campaign as well.

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