Improving The Customer Experience with Pay Per Call

If you’ve heeded our many calls to try out Pay Per Call for your business, hopefully by now you’re reaping the rewards with more calls to your business and greater conversion rates. By now you’re also probably aware that Pay Per Call can help you capture some of the estimated 162 billion calls US businesses will receive annually by 2019, and allows you to take advantage of the roughly 61% of mobile searches on smartphones that end a call to a business.

Just getting a phone call isn’t enough to ensure your business will convert that lead to a paying customer. How can you improve on the customer experience over the phone with the help of Pay Per Call data?

Call Routing

When customers pick up the phone to call your business it is because they have a keen interest in speaking directly to one of your associates. Beyond that though, they want relevant information from the right person. And in many cases, they need it quickly. Call routing automatically routes a caller based upon the marketing campaign (such as the keyword, ad platform, or first contact point) that generated the call. This increases the likelihood of a conversion by ensuring the caller reaches the right business location or individual within your company faster.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR technology goes hand in hand with call routing, allowing customers to effectively route themselves through interactive menus. We’ve all experienced this before, such as calling a local utility and pressing “1 for billing,” “2 for emergencies,” or “3 to speak to a customer service representative.” However, IVR exists in layers, and those layers need to be just effective enough to route callers accurately, without being so complex that they feel lost or confused trying to get in touch with the right individual.

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Conversation Insight

Last but not least, the ability to analyze quantitative data after a call through recording and transcriptions allows your company to identify which callers received the best experience possible and where there are shortfalls that should be improved upon. These tools allow you to run keyword searches, as an example, to determine which areas your sales team or other associates are excelling in, and where work is needed.