In’s and Out’s of Performance Marketing

Performance marketing offers a win-win marketing opportunity for both businesses and affiliates (or “publishers)” to target specific audiences and campaigns in a strategic, results driven, way. There are opportunities for both parties to receive a high return on investment, so it’s no surprise it has risen in popularity year over year. Here are some in’s and out’s of performance marketing to help you get started.

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Network Advantage

Networks offer a one-stop-shop for you to find campaigns to run. Here you can browse campaigns for a variety of different services and products, view rates, and see what’s popular based on the season and consumer action. Larger networks offer a variety of campaign types, including Pay Per Call, Form Leads, and CPA. Once you are approved for a campaign, you will receive any links, tracking codes, and other data you may need to integrate this campaign. For both the business and affiliate, these networks are a reliable way to keep track of leads, clicks, and conversions.

Determine your source

Where are you planning to get your traffic from? There are a variety of different methods that can be used in performance marketing. Social media, SEO, paid ads and blog posts all have an opportunity to act as a traffic source for your campaign. Focus on what you do best, and where your target audience spends the most of their time.

Have a killer landing page

A strong landing page can be the key for getting customers to convert. Whether you’re trying to drive viewers to call, click, or fill out a form, it’s important to keep it simple to drive them to action. Outline what you are offering, and why they should complete the desired action. Make your call to action obvious and easy to find.

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Track, Track, Track

Performance marketing is based on results, so it’s important to track and optimize your campaigns every step of the way. Page views, clicks, and conversions can help you get an understanding of what your viewers are doing, and where they are falling off. A/B testing of landing pages, social media posts, and forms can help you get a better understanding of what content works, and what should be re-worked. But this isn’t just a one-time thing. Consumers are always changing, and so should you! Be consistent in your tracking and constantly optimize your efforts to help drive results. While there’s a multitude of terms and methods that fall under the umbrella of performance marketing, we’ve outlined a few of the basics. Testing and tracking what works best for you is the biggest key. After all, everything is based on performance!

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