Integrating APIs with RingPartner’s RTcB

Just like people, programs need to “communicate” with each other to work in unison, and if you’re like anyone else, you’ve probably wondered how exactly these programs are able to interact.

What Does “API” Mean?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interfaces, these applications can be found in a variety of differing software in our everyday life. They help developers write code to interface one piece of software to another. Essentially, APIs allow developers to direct, control, and monitor how software programs communicate.

How API Integration Works

Using APIs, people are able to connect programs to one another to allow data to transfer between differing programs. In other words, APIs are used to seamlessly connect programs across our Network. At RingPartner, our partners use APIs to plug into our proprietary Real-time Call Bidding (RTcB) technology to ensure a free flowing connection across the Network.

How APIs Are Used with RingPartner

RingPartner has developed a specialized API for our Publishers that plugs into the RTcB which makes it easy to obtain bids for calls. Through this connection, the API can reach our data and the Advertiser’s APIs, delivering calls to be bid upon in real time. This specialized API then allows calls to be transferred quickly and effortlessly across the RingPartner Network.

On the other side of the Network, our clients bring a unique API to RingPartner where our Development Team assists our clients in plugging their API into the RTcB for a full integration. Due to this integration, a seamless connection can occur to transfer data.  Immediately after integration, RingPartner is able to deliver high quality inbound customer calls within seconds.

RingPartner uses API integrations to create a free flowing connection from our publishers through the RTcB to our clients, allowing inbound customer calls to be delivered and bid upon in real time. With these interfaces, RingPartner is able to grow and refine our Network for both Publishers and Clients.

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