Interview with a Premium Pay Per Call Marketer

Leonidas Kaplan is likely the best known pay per call marketing blogger on the web right now. Search anything pay per call and you’re likely to find one of his blog posts or a video he’s done. RingPartner recently interviewed Leonidas and below are his responses.

Tell us About Yourself

So my name is Leonidas, a full-time internet marketer living in Toronto, but planning to travel abroad by January, thanks to the internet marketing monies! I’ve worked as a QA analyst with a large pharmacy company, and as a Business Systems Analyst with a statistical software company, and a Brand Ambassador for a large Operating System company. My indepth story is available here:

How Did You Get Started in Online Marketing?

My philosophy back in 2010 was to ‘create an internet business that allows you to lead a life of freedom, fun, and adventure’. I hopped into online marketing after failing hard at Forex Trading. I lost a cool $25k in the Forex markets after over a year of automated trading.

Things to know about financial trading? Don’t be greedy, and understand the BIG players in the markets always win. Anyways, after a nice rollercoaster of financial trading and huge losses, I called it quits in September 2011. After that, I dabbled in Web development, Adsense, Facebook, Adwords, 7search, flyers leading to website sales, affiliate-based blog posts, CPA, mobile display, PPV, clickbank, and everything else under the sun to generate an internet income.

What Made You Try Pay Per Call Marketing

Trying Pay Per Call was the result of trying EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. It was a niche that wasn’t covered too extensively, but I decided to give it a try. Within a few days profits were coming in!

Why do You Focus on Pay Per Call Marketing?

Primarily because Pay Per Call was the first method that generated a real return: $785 in revenue in August 2012! Obviously, once you find some silver or gold, you build a mine around it, and dig and dig and dig. That’s what I did, I’ve tried doing mobile display, aka ipad/iphones, and all those other low-value CPA offers. Pay Per Call was easier to crack.

What has Been Your Biggest Success to Date?

I have a campaign that has been running for over a year now. It still generates a great monthly return. This one required several different strategies to keep going, but it’s the most successful due to its longevity, return on investment (ROI), and lack of competition. Also, using internet money to pay off 24k in student loans was amazing.

What are Your Best Promo Methods for Pay Per Call?

Adwords is my #1 money maker. Your keywords are your soldiers who bring you cash. I will test a list of 1000 to sometimes 400,000 for a single campaign. Out of that list, maybe 1% of the keywords are the volume/cash-cows. Rinse, repeat. Bing Ads is second place for revenue, although their system still lacks a good call extension and a large volume of mobile traffic. But they are working on it. Finally, I’ve tried Facebook mobile ads, with a single conversion. Tracking on Facebook is a bit complicated (sending your demographic data as your keyword to your landing page, with RingPooling enabled). And mobile display (Google Display Network) is a frontier I have yet to master, although some publishers have been doing well with payday offers on it.

What are Your Interests Outside of Marketing?

As Eben Pagan puts it; focusing on Health, Wealth, and Relationships (the trifecta to happiness). I’m active with Salsa dancing, Krav Maga self defense training, and socializing.

What is

This is a resource I’ve put up for others to learn about Pay Per Call. You can also read about internet marketing books, and other stuff that builds your online-centric intuition and understanding.
You can view video guides for Pay Per Call, Facebook case studies, advanced Bing Ads tips, and even check out some of the questions by other Pay Per Callers.

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