Pay Per Call: Bigger than Pay Per Click?

Let’s jump  in the time machine.

Let’s go way way back to 2012 when Forbes predicted the explosion of Pay Per Call marketing.

Pay Per Call, the article says, “could be” 10 times bigger than pay per click.

The Google gods even started offering Pay Per Call ads four years ago. By 2012, according to Forbes, it was dialing up 15 million calls a month on behalf of advertisers.

Fast forward to 2014.

Mobile marketing is taking over the digital landscape as more and more Americans are moving to mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones, but is Pay Per Call bigger than Pay Per Click?

It’s where businesses need to capture the consumer’s attention.

Your Pay Per Call mobile marketing strategy might include:

More than 45 per cent of smartphone users have relied on their mobile devices to search for a product or service in the last seven days. And BIA Kelsey predicts that mobile searches in the U.S. will surpass desktop searching by 27.8 billion in the next two years.

Can you afford to miss out on that attention?

Mobile marketing gives those consumers an opportunity to call your business with one press of the call-to-action button on your ad or a click of the link on your paid search result.

Perks of Pay Per Call

  • In the old days of advertising, you ponied up big bucks for smaller budgets. With Pay Per Call marketing, you have more control over what you spend. You only pay for the calls you get.
  • Pay Per Call marketing lets the user opt in. The second your phone rings, you know you have a fish on the hook, so to speak. If the call is from paid search, you know the consumer has called because he was looking for a business like yours. Converting these leads into more sales should be easy.
  • If you’re a small business targeting a specific geographic area, Pay Per Call is a definite win. Target your ad to the zip codes where you want to find new leads. That sounds more effective than an ad in the local newspaper, doesn’t it?
  • Pay Per Call ads offer comprehensive tracking data, letting you know click rates, call duration and geographic origin. It lets you revise and improve your marketing strategy to get even more return on your investment.

Two years ago, Forbes predicted the explosion of Pay Per Call marketing. That explosion is now.

Businesses have a captive audience in mobile users, and it’s vital for businesses to hop on this bandwagon.

Mobile is where your marketing budget and efforts should be spent as we move forward into 2014.

Unless, of course, you aren’t interested in increasing revenue. Then keep doing what you’re doing.