Pay Per Call Bridges the Gap from Desktop to Mobile

When you get comfortable with a traffic source, vertical, or offer type, it can be hard to look at anything else. We constantly hear desktop publishers say they want to get into mobile, but they feel it’s going to be like starting from scratch, and that they don’t have time to invest in learning a new industry. The truth is yes it is going to be different, and yes there will be a learning curve, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as you are expecting.  The thing that a lot of people don’t realize is that there are some easy ways to bridge your transition from desktop campaigns to mobile, and pay per Call campaigns are a great place to start.

Start Small

One way to start small is to optimize your existing websites for mobile. If you’re running something like an Auto Insurance form submit, use a redirect script to send the mobile traffic to a simple mobile optimized landing page.  If your current offer is not mobile optimized, change the CTA (Call to Action) to a click to call button and direct that traffic to call for their free quote instead of filling out a form.  The consumer gets what they are looking for, and you get to monetize that traffic. Some people actually prefer to pick up the phone and speak to someone, so you can also simply add your toll-free number to your existing landing page as another angle to visitors bouncing.

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Use Existing Campaigns

When considering a new mobile/pay per call campaign, starting with the classics is a great way to go. Paid search has huge mobile traffic, and is a lot less saturated than you’re probably used to on desktop. The beauty of pay per call on paid search is that you are driving most of your calls directly from the ad via a click to call extension. You can take your existing keywords, build out a simple lander (even if most users will never see it), write some compelling ad-copy, and get started. Most pay per call offers pay out based on a 1-2 minute call duration and it’s not uncommon to see conversion rates of 30%+! Basically what we are saying is that you can take a proven search campaign, make a few minor adjustments, and get started in mobile advertising with a niche you’re already comfortable with.

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Learn Something New

The same idea applies to media buying. It might take a little longer to get comfortable with new ad networks and targeting options, but you can still take your past experience and apply it to your mobile media buys. Some ad networks will allow you to do click to call right from your banners, some will require a lander, but the main thing is you’re still going after the same consumers, just in a new way. Chances are if you’re seeing success running Health & Beauty offers on Dating traffic on desktop, then you’re going to be able to translate that to your mobile campaign.

Get Started

We have seen quite a few people have success when making the jump from desktop to mobile, and the main thing we suggest is to just stop talking about it and do it! You may hit a few bumps along the way, but you’ll be opening the door to a world of new marketing possibilities.