Pay Per Call Stealth Marketing Tactics

Stealth marketing has earned a lousy reputation over the years thanks to the actions of a handful of charlatans. In actuality, stealth or “undercover” marketing can work wonders for advertisers and publishers without doing undo harm to their good names. Few realize that stealth marketing can be used to supercharge Pay Per Call promotions both online and off. If you’re looking for a few under-the-radar techniques for pushing your numbers without being pushy, the 5 following tips come highly recommended.

Blog-Based Informational Directories

Though it requires more effort than search-based paid listings, blogs that recommend businesses and their services are the perfect stealth marketing vehicle for Pay Per Call. Pick a niche that includes the offer to be promoted to start off. Then, write a few helpful general interest articles based around the topic and create a list of the best businesses that specialize in said niche either locally or nationally. Once you’ve established SEO credibility, simply add your tracking numbers and profit.

Answer Questions Around the Web

Doling out a bit of advice paired with a referral to a business might seem like a variant of forum spam to some. However, it’s a perfectly acceptable way to get some leads if you’re actually giving people actionable information. Target high-traffic questions on sites like Quora, Answerbag and ChaCha by using advanced web analytics to find questions with the greatest percentage of mobile users to get the most exposure for your numbers.

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Physical Freebie Giveaways

If you’re settling in for the long haul on a particular promotion, giveaway hardware might be the best way to promote a Pay Per Call campaign. You can print your numbers on everything from coffee mugs to pens and hand them out to the local community to achieve long-lasting results. Obviously, this approach isn’t fit for those that want instant leads. However, it does manage to provide the best ROI when all things are considered.

Twitter Cult Leader

If you’ve been paying attention to the “Twitterverse” lately, you’ve realized that those with massive followings can spark off buying bonanzas with a simple IM. Even inane celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and that incorrigible Justin Bieber command legions of followers that will do their bidding based on an offhand recommendation. Create your own following on Twitter based around a niche and slowly work in Pay Per Call referral numbers once you’ve gained credibility.

YouTube How-To Tutorials

Video has quickly become one of the most productive methods for marketers to score quick wins in recent years. While you could run with sites like Vine or Vimeo, YouTube remains the best place to promote any offer, including those of the Pay Per Call variety. Come up with timely videos explaining a topic, offering advice or providing a how-to guide and then plug your number on the screen during the process to attract legions of leads.

Limited Only By Imagination

If you start to think outside the box when it comes to stealth marketing, you’ll be amazed at what comes to mind. There are hundreds of ways to subtly slip your message into any medium if you’re clever. No matter how you package your Pay Per Call blasts, they’re likely to be less than effective without the proper ad network backing you up. Get that critical component figured out and nothing can stop you.