Preparing for Your First Pay Per Call Campaign

For hungry young businesses on the rise, taking things to the next level often requires a fair amount of promotion. In many cases, this is the first time in their existences that they’ve had to take marketing as seriously as they take their core products and services. Pay Per Call marketing has quickly established itself as the go-to advertising method for smaller enterprises. To make the most of Pay Per Call, SMBs need to prepare themselves in the following ways.

Prepping Your First Pay Per Call Campaign

1) Identify Your Goals

The great thing about Pay Per Call is that it can potentially hit any benchmark of success under the right circumstances. Before you set the wheels in motion, it’s important to consider how far you’d like to go. For some businesses, the aim of a Pay Per Call campaign is to give a healthy boost to sales. For others, nothing short of niche domination will suffice. Choose a scenario that best fits your long-term plans.

2) Come Up with a Budget

Two of Pay Per Call’s most appealing qualities are its low cost and superior ROI. However, it’s not free and you’ll need to figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend per month on promotion. If you’re already splurging on print, radio or TV ads, try diverting some of that ad spend into Pay Per Call. You can always start out small and expand your campaign later once you see concrete results.

3) Train Staff in Advance

Companies that have never used Pay Per Call before are often shocked at how much it can increase leads and sales within a relatively short period of time. You’ll need competent, experienced employees to man the phones, answer questions and ultimately convert leads into customers. Ensure that your staff is ready for a potential onslaught of calls once your Pay Per Call campaigns kick into high gear so that you’re not caught off guard.

4) Stock Up on Hardware & HR

A sudden surge of new business can be more curse than blessing if a company isn’t prepared to handle it. Make sure that your supply pipelines can handle excess demand for goods and services at a moment’s notice. If you foresee potential supply bottlenecks in the near future, stock up on critical hardware in advance. Be prepared to hire qualified personnel quickly should your Pay Per Call campaign exceed even your wildest expectations.

5) Prepare to Grow in Unexpected Ways

While materials and human capital are obviously important, you’ll need a flexible strategy mapped out to react to any curveballs. Pay Per Call campaigns have a tendency to snowball and take on a life of their own. You may find that your core strength as a business is sidelined by the demands of a new customer demographic. Have contingency plans in place in case your Pay Per Call campaigns don’t go in the direction you thought they would.

End of the Line

By laying the groundwork before launching a full-fledged Pay Per Call strategy, you’ll reap the full rewards of your efforts. After all, why work harder when you can work smarter? The final piece of the puzzle is finding an appropriate Pay Per Call network to oversee your campaigns. A good network will leverage their legions of publishers to send the most promising leads your way. When they do call, you’ll be ready for them.