Replay: How To Succeed With Mobile Display and Pay Per Call

We had a really great webinar with Tom Desaulniers, Co-Founder of Go2mobi, about mobile display and pay per call. Desaulniers covered the basics of display creatives and how to improve your click-through rate (CTR) on a mobile display campaign. He also covered how to use landing pages to bridge the gap between your banner ad and the campaign you’re promoting. Desaulniers gave a great demonstration of the Go2mobi real-time bidding platform and showed how to get granular with the statistics of your campaign and how to optimize for profitability.

Webinar Replay: 
How to Succeed with  Mobile Display & Pay Per Call with Go2Mobi

Tune into the webinar and learn more about display marketing and some tips and tricks around “tel:” links and device, demographic and creative optimization with RingPools for pay per call campaigns. Be sure to sign up with Go2mobi.

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