Replay: Increasing Your Conversions Through Effective Call Treatments

We’ve all been there. We need to call the bank, or the library, or the video store (do they still have those?) and you’re greeted with a pleasant messaging service intended to help guide you. Instead, it does anything but; unclear instructions, lengthy messages and an inability to talk to a live agent fast. It’s maddening!

Webinar Replay: Increasing Conversions Through Call Treatments, Featuring Special Guest from Invoca

Thankfully, we are here to help. RingParter is thrilled that Amalia Beckmann from Invoca joined Henry Skey to discuss how using the right call treatment can yield extremely profitable results. All the headaches of a bad IVR can be easily avoided with Invoca’s platform.

Topics discussed will include:

  • What is a call treatment?
  • Verifying Zip Codes
  • Filtering conditions
  • Bundles
  • And more!

What better way to take advantage of RingPartner’s assortment of campaigns than understanding how to make a call treatment work for you instead of against you. Both buyers of calls and distribution partners would be wise to watch this webinar and master the art of filtering out undesirable customers while sending the right callers to the right place.

Bonus Tip: Take a look through our YouTube Channel for other in-depth pay per call training videos