Replay: Pay Per Call Advertising Metrics and Analytics with LogMyCalls

McKay Allen from LogMyCalls presents the 17 coolest metrics extracted from their phone call analytics in Q1 and Q2 of 2014. This presentation explains how LogMyCalls extracted this information and how analyzing calls after the connection really matters.

Webinar Replay: Pay Per Call Advertising Metrics and Analytics

McKay explains how good sales agents can drastically improve your pay per call campaign and how duration is NOT the most accurate way to track lead quality. Also, learn about the formula to improve call conversions and see 80% conversion rates on your calls!

In Q1, the LogMyCalls Conversation Analytics engine analyzed millions of calls across dozens of industries. This webinar will discuss 17 things they learned:

  • 29% of all calls result in a conversion
  • 46% of sales inquiries are missed opportunities for revenue
  • How does Conversation Analytics know there was an appointment set or a sale made on the call?
  • What ONE sales skill can improve your conversion rate by 10.4X!!!?

About McKay Allen: 

McKay Allen is a respected marketer and demand gen expert. He has spoken at events across North America including SMX, Social Media Strategies Summit, and SES.

McKay is the Content Marketing Manager at LogMyCalls. He directs the content, PR, and demand generation cycle and strategy.