RingPartner Taps Andela to Create Global Workforce

VICTORIA, BC (April 20, 2017) – RingPartner, one of the first performance marketing companies to focus solely on the click-to-call niche, is thrilled to announce they have partnered with Andela, a global engineering organization, to build upon their growing, talented workforce. Ultimately, RingPartner hopes that some of the intercontinental employees hired through Andela will be able to visit their team in British Columbia.

RingPartner works closely with a select group of publishers to provide inbound consumer phone calls to advertising clients around North America. Their goal is to make it easy for businesses of every size to instantly link consumers to desired products or services in real time by enabling them to simply click on phone numbers with a mobile device. This eliminates the need for filling out online forms and ensures that businesses are connecting with the best possible prospects, which are delivered on a pay per call basis. RingPartner prides itself on its innovative approach to performance marketing and feels that utilizing Andela’s staff will help the organization leverage new skill sets to stay ahead of the competition.

Andela identifies the most talented international software developers based on psychometric test scores, take-home coding tests and in-person interviews, then hires them as full-time team members specializing in tech stacks like JavaScript and mobile development. After six months of participating in intensive simulations that challenge their expertise, these developers are distributed to high-growth companies such as RingPartner to create diverse global workforces with interdisciplinary knowledge.

“Our team is extremely close, and our international developers are key members of our global workforce,” stated Todd Dunlop, CEO of RingPartner. “Thanks to the ease of video calling and live messaging like Slack, all of our employees have the tools to stay connected to each other, no matter where they are located.”

About RingPartner

Founded in 2013, RingPartner is the Pay Per Call exchange. RingPartner connects consumers through inbound phone calls to brands and businesses, big and small. These highly qualified calls are delivered to businesses at the exact moment that consumers are ready to take action and buy a product or service. RingPartner works on a pay per call basis, meaning that clients only pay for phone calls delivered to them in real-time. For more information please visit www.ringpartner.com.

About Andela

Andela is a global engineering organization that connects leading technology companies and talented software developers from around the world. We enable companies to build high-performing engineering teams while providing a platform for talented technologists to accelerate their expertise. Backed by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, GV (Google Ventures) and Spark Capital, Andela is building the next generation of global technology leaders. For more information, visit www.andela.com.

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