RingPartner Wins Digiday Worklife Award for Most Passionate Employees

For digital media and marketing companies, providing a safe and effective working environment has never been more important — or more challenging. From facilitating remote work to maintaining the mental and physical health of their employees, companies have been forced to adapt in unprecedented ways.

Even as a global pandemic raged and revenue streams came under threat, the winners honored in this year’s Digiday Worklife Awards provided their employees with the benefits and resources they needed to adjust to a changing world and live their healthiest lives. All the while, as these companies managed to continue innovating and launching new initiatives, they kept open the essential lines of communication between employees and supervisors.

RingPartner’s call-ture has been grown and curated to be in line with the company’s mission: connecting people to new opportunities. When RingPartner was formed, the mission was to build a team of people who wouldn’t be afraid to go after big goals and try new things, while also failing forward in an industry that is ever changing —  and that’s exactly the type of people you’ll find at RingPartner today.

“We’re so excited to be recognized by Digiday for this award. Our team, also known as the #RedShoeCrew, embodies our core values everyday. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, especially this year.” says RingPartner’s President, Sarah Gulbrandsen.

RingPartner recognizes that peak productivity doesn’t land at the exact same time every day for everyone, and as a result, implemented flexible hours to give people the freedom to structure their workdays as they see fit. Under this model, employees are empowered to maximize their work hours and have the flexibility to build a schedule that works for work, family, and other responsibilities that don’t always fit into a typical nine-to-five workday. RingPartner recognized that workers whose unique needs are met are far likelier to be energized and effective — and to become truly passionate about the company’s mission and welfare.

To learn more about the Digiday Worklife Awards and other winners, visit https://digiday.com/awards/digiday-worklife-awards-winners/

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