Stealthily Skyrocketing Your Local Pay Per Call Conversions

As you’re no doubt aware, pay-per-call marketing is an old idea that’s received renewed interest in recent years. Much like Apple’s failed Newton PDA in the early 90s, it’s a technique that was ahead of its time when it first debuted. Thanks to powerful and inexpensive mobile hardware, pay-per-call has finally come into its own. At the moment, marketers are often partial to using PPC-style methods to achieve conversions. Though effective, the costs can add up rather quickly. It’s possible to promote your pay-per-call numbers in more organic ways using the following avenues.

Niche Blogging

Attracting a dedicated fan base with niche blogging isn’t always the quickest path to success, but it’s one of the surest. The great thing about niche blogging is that it doesn’t require a marketer to be an absolute expert on a topic to succeed. All you need to do is drill down into a market, find a gap in information coverage or an unfulfilled niche and exploit it. The key is to make sure that your content is optimized for mobile as many people consume content on the go nowadays.

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Social Media Networks

Yet another way to quickly rack up commissions in the pay-per-call game is with social media networking. This is an especially effective tactic for marketers focusing on localized markets. Experience shows that FacebookGoogle+Twitter and YouTube are the best tools for gaining traction in organic pay-per-call promotion. Casually yet persuasively dropping your numbers in the comments sections is a surprisingly productive approach. As with organic content marketing methods such as niche blogging, the trick is to avoid appearing overtly promotional or forward. 

Location-Aware E-Commerce Apps

As with pure social networking sites, location-aware shopping aids like FoursquareYelp and Localicious can help you to catch shoppers at just the right moment. Inserting phone numbers within a quick review or recommendation is the preferred tactic to adopt. Online window shoppers are becoming more and more reliant on such apps to guide their decision making. Even bland sites like GasBuddy can be used to promote local services in the comments section. Another great alternative to the aforementioned services is the highly underrated Facebook Places.

Q&A Sites

The many Q&A sites that dot the Internet landscape present an amazing opportunity to marketers who think outside of the box. The most popular example is Quora, though there are dozens of competing platforms such as Yahoo! and Amazon’s Askville. Whether you’re promoting a nationwide brand or a regional merchant, these sites can be used to help consumers make up their minds and net a commission at the same time. Various web intelligence tools like Google Trends and the many web analytics programs available online will help you to zero in on lucrative niches. 

Strike While the Iron’s Hot

The real magic of pay-per-call marketing is the fact that it’s incredibly flexible for both advertisers and publishers alike. Truly, the only limit to the number of ways that it can be used to garner leads is the imagination of marketers in the field. When brainstorming your pay-per-call promotion strategies, opting for the path less traveled is oftentimes the most prudent move. The tactics highlighted here will enable you to outmaneuver the competition and grab a greater share of the pay-per-call pie in any market.

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