Struggling to Deliver Calls Across Multiple Industries? Pay Per Call May Be Right for You

For national brands or agencies with a client list that not only cross state lines, but industry sectors, Pay Per Call is an ideal option. Generating phone calls for one type of business enterprise can be tough enough, but doing so across multiple industries across the country can be difficult. Before you give up, consider the value of Pay Per Call.

Flexible Across Marketing Verticals

Pay Per Call’s value isn’t in the specific costs of a marketing campaign using this strategy, but rather it’s flexibility to adapt to different marketing verticals. No two sets of consumers interact with branding and advertisements in the same manner. Different approaches to marketing can yield different results based upon consumer behavior in various regions of the country. Pay Per Call is adaptable and works with direct mailers, flyers, radio, and TV ads just as powerfully as it does with mobile search, in-app ads, and Facebook ads.

Hit Different Demographics

Just as some customers interact in different regions based upon different behaviors, some consumers interact with advertisements based upon their age. The ability of Pay Per Call to deliver calls from consumers from all walks of life can be found in its ability to target any demographic successfully. You can run an ad on Facebook ads through your Facebook page for marketing to target Millennial users who are much more likely to interact on mobile devices and social media.

Older consumers, who are less likely to use social media and mobile devices, but no less likely to buy from your brand, might rely on tried-and-true ads. For these folks, you can still target them with Pay Per Call across the country in YellowPages or local radio ads.

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Generate Different Results

Pay Per Call solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all programs, and neither is a national ad campaign aimed at driving calls. You can use Pay Per Call regardless of your industry or location to drive calls and increase revenue with ease. For example, Pay Per Call parameters can be set for service-based industries to measure quick phone calls where all the consumer needs is to set an appointment, for an oil change as an example.

On the other hand, when you’re selling products you might measure success through Pay Per Call based upon longer calls. Customers have questions and can’t/won’t make a purchase till those questions are answered over the phone.

Pay Per Call is an incredibly flexible tool that delivers the ability for brands and agencies to reach across not only state boundaries, but industry segments to help drive calls in a manner that suits the individual client.

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