The Future of Affiliate Marketing: What It Means for Pay Per Call

In the world of e-commerce, few topics elicit more heated debate than affiliate marketing. Though many consider it to be an important cornerstone of the online business ecosystem, few agree on where it’s going in the coming years. As difficult as it might be to predict the future, some developments are basically foregone conclusions. In the coming years, you can more or less count on the following affiliate marketing trends to strengthen and accelerate as businesses look to secure online profits.

Longer, Fatter Tails

The beauty of the web is that it allows companies of all sizes to reach new consumer demographics by drilling down into various market sectors. By itself, one particular niche further down the demand curve might not add up to much. A number of niches added together, however, can be quite lucrative. While affiliates benefit from a “Long Tail” in consumer demand, they’re also partly responsible for it. Increased affiliate competition will lengthen and fatten that tail moving forward.

Channel Convergence

Probably the biggest development in the affiliate marketing world in recent years has been the ongoing emergence of multiple marketing channels. Affiliates can chose from search, display and mobile streams or a combination of those avenues when promoting their offers. What’s more, they’re not constricted to text ads anymore. Savvy affiliates have been using video to promote offers for years with great success. Now, those channels are converging into one seamless marketing boulevard with limitless potential.

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Increased Brand Globalization

Yet another trend sure to pick up steam in the next few years is the shrinking of the e-commerce world at every level. Even relatively small businesses are using social media portals like Google+ to increase their reach and acquire new customers in other countries. This provides loads of fresh opportunities for affiliates looking for lucrative offers to promote. Small brands will find new audiences and their legions of affiliates will profit to an unprecedented degree.

Data-Driven Hypertargeting

Highly accurate analytics improve ROI and can help affiliates to zero in on the right customers to pitch their offers to. Data-driven analysis of one’s marketing efforts and their overall effectiveness certainly isn’t easy. However, it’s the key to unlocking untold profits for advertisers and publishers alike. Especially when it comes to Pay Per Call marketing, there’s no substitute for highly accurate data gathering. In the end, it often means the difference between success and failure.

The Market Will Continue to Grow

The most important trend for affiliates is the overall growth of the industry as a whole. Total affiliate marketing spending is slated to hit $3.4 billion in 2014 and reach $4.5 billion in 2016. Much of the growth will be fueled by Asian consumer spending in countries like China. In short, the affiliate marketing model continues to prove its resilience time and time again thanks to positive outcomes for both publishers and advertisers.

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Where Pay Per Call Fits In

Clearly, affiliate marketing has a bright future ahead of it. Ultimately, businesses convert leads most efficiently when a human connection is made. Pay Per Call is hands down the best way to do so. For Pay Per Call publishers and advertisers, ad networks that provide the tools needed to succeed is a must. With the help of the right network, practically any Pay Per Call campaign can be a home run.