The Many Paths to Pay Per Call Profits

Aside from amazing conversion rates, the best thing about Pay Per Call is the fact that it’s so versatile in the field. Like Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call can adapt to a variety of online promotional methods and boast higher conversion rates at the same time. Any of the following marketing vectors can be used to accumulate Pay Per Call profits. Here’s a quick rundown of how each can be best used to achieve your Pay Per Call goals.

Banner Ads

If you’ve been in the marketing game for awhile, the idea of using banner ads might seem like an unsophisticated throwback to a simpler time. However, display ads can be a highly effective way to proliferate Pay Per Call numbers if you start small, keep an eye on your analytics and scale up cautiously. The great thing about banner ads is that they’re cost-free if you can find organic ways to insert them into content hosted around the web.

Search Results

With more and more web traffic going mobile nowadays, it’s gotten far easier to elicit direct calls from within SERPs results. Per Per Click platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads allow publishers to use “Call Extensions” that lead directly to trackable affiliate phone numbers. Search-based Pay Per Call ads can be applied to promotional efforts in nearly every industry and are particularly effective when used to market goods and services provided by local SMBs.

Social Media

Businesses large and small adore social media due to its ability to rapidly raise awareness and broadcast a message for little or no cost. Whether you’re fond of Facebook, partial to Twitter or a fan of Google+, you can easily use your social network of choice to promote numbers to your following. The nice thing about social media efforts is that they can be either hyperlocal or international in scope depending on your Pay Per Call goals.

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Email Marketing

The fact of the matter is that email marketing is stronger than it’s ever been when it comes to developing and converting high-quality leads. Building an email list takes time and effort, so it’s definitely not a medium for the impatient. However, email subscribers tend to spend more and convert at higher rates. As long as you’re not too forward with your promotions and make your offers relevant, email marketing can boost Pay Per Call profits immensely.

Mobile Apps

Probably the most under-utilized vector of attack for Pay Per Call marketers is the app angle. Using in-app ads to push Pay Per Call numbers can be highly effective if you use Interactive Voice Response (IVR) filters to winnow down the caller pool to zero in on only high-quality leads. Even if you don’t have your own app published on Google Play or iTunes, you can include your numbers in profiles for apps such as Yelp.

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Promoting Numbers Effectively

As you’ve no doubt gathered, a successful Pay Per Call campaign can take many forms. Marketers that put up consistently impressive numbers in the Pay Per Call game learn to use the right promotional method for the job based on the offer they’re promoting. Now that you’ve gotten an idea of the potential of various marketing vehicles for Pay Per Call, all you have to do is pair up your offer with the appropriate one and watch the money roll in.