The Secret Weapon in Your PPC Marketing Arsenal

There are a variety of weapons and tools in your marketing arsenal that are designed to elicit the most ROI for your marketing efforts. You’ll likely be armed with analytics, and you’ll have extensive experience leveraging competitive analysis to develop a successful marketing strategy. Keyword research, bid management, and other solutions should also be key elements in the marketing weaponry you have on hand. With all these tools, what could possibly be missing?

When your leads are lured in via a mobile search ad and led to initiate contact through a phone call, they’re engaging in an activity that is becoming more common. In fact, most mobile users are shying away from entering personal data into forms, in favor of easier, and more convenient solutions. Determining what weapon will work best in your marketing quest will mean asking yourself a couple of questions.

  1. How can you optimize and maximize conversions like these?
  2. What type of tool would best ensure that these visits and conversions are captured for measurement?

The answer to these questions involves you being aware which keyword campaigns and landing pages are delivering all those inbound call conversions!

Inbound Call Intelligence is the Secret Weapon in Your PPC Marketing Arsenal

Today’s multichannel marketing world is complex. There are always a variety of factors at play during any marketing campaign, and the digital phrase that has become a marketer’s mantra still rings true. If you didn’t measure it, it never happened. Without accurate measuring methods, your marketing efforts are worse than wasted; your efforts don’t amount to anything at all. PPC marketing needs demand inbound call intelligence.

According to mega search giant, Google, at least 70 percent of mobile searchers connect directly with businesses right from the search pages, via the click to call feature that is enabled on most smart phones. Customers are beginning to expect and demand the option to call, so it’s vital that your mobile marketing strategy include targeting these types of leads and tracking their every move with inbound call intelligence.

Inbound Call Intelligence: It’s Much More Than Just Tracking Calls

Inbound call intelligence means more than mere call tracking efforts. If you’re hoping to power up your conversions will inbound call intelligence, you’ll want to include the following steps in your data collecting and analyzing efforts:

Call Tracking

You’ll need to know which campaigns are driving your calls. Information on ads, keywords, and channels will help you determine which campaigns are most successful.


This process can’t be successfully completed except through automation. Routing and real-time filtering should send callers to the appropriate person.


Finally, you’ll need to implement seamless two-way synchronization with Google Adwords, Google Analytics, bid management, and CRM to generate a more complete, multi-channel picture of your marketing efforts.

Inbound call intelligence will help you maximize and optimize PPC conversions in an easier and more efficient manner. This tactic will ensure that PPC conversions are tracked in an accurate manner so you can fine-tune your mobile marketing strategy without losing your mind.

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