The Top 5 Benefits of Pay Per Call for Publishers

Most online marketers today rely almost exclusively on PPC to convert would-be consumers and rack up commissions. Though massive amounts of money are sloshing into mobile, the paid promotion game seems to be stuck in a desktop search paradigm. If you like to go against the grain, Pay Per Call marketing is probably a good fit for you. As a fairly new medium, it confers many benefits to forward-thinking publishers. Here are 5 of the most compelling reasons to check it out.

Greater Conversions

In the affiliate marketing game, the percentage of clicks and leads that eventually result in a sale is the most important consideration. Something like 60% of mobile searches will end in a phone call, which is why advertisers and publishers alike are flooding into mobile marketing at an unprecedented rate. Pay Per Call marketing is the primary cause of that phenomenal success rate. Regardless of the specific compensation model in question, Pay Per Call marketing is a conversion champion.

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Higher Commissions

In mobile search, the average price of a click is $0.65, whereas the average price of a call is $10.00. The premium results from the fact that a call is much more likely to result in a real sale. For businesses with low margins, this isn’t the best approach. For merchants looking at a sale worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, it makes more sense. Publishers have taken notice and are rapidly adopting Pay Per Call.

A Far Better ROI

The reality is that publishers get a better return on their marketing investment via Pay Per Call than through other methods such as desktop PPC and the like. The potential revenues weighed against the worst-case scenario costs make the choice painfully obvious. Outstanding ROI is reason enough for many publishers to invest a solid amount of time and money into Pay Per Call. After all, time is money. Thanks to powerful cloud-based analytics, call-focused paid promotion can easily be a real winner.

More Accurate Tracking

Under the best of circumstances, lead attribution for traditional affiliate programs tops out around 85%. Clicks don’t always lead to commissions, as we’re all aware. With Pay Per Call, enhanced tracking data provided by unique phone numbers and call duration can result in up to 99% lead crediting. Knowing that your efforts will be justly rewarded is a great motivator for publishers in any industry or niche, which is why the advertising model is growing so quickly. 

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It Works Anywhere

One of the biggest problems with online affiliate marketing from the marketer’s point of view is finding the right avenue of attack. Depending on the company being promoted, publishers are often pushed towards one particular advertising method. This is almost never the case with Pay Per Call. Due to its reliance on unique tracking numbers, Pay Per Call is open to being used anywhere in any manner. While most will opt for digital tactics, you could pretty much slap your number on a flyer, distribute it around town and still profit. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Marketers are inevitably forced to make tough decisions regarding where their time and effort are best directed. As such, it’s important to avoid missteps and wasted calories. Pay Per Call has already proven itself to be a strong performer. In the next few years, it’ll only become more popular. As a marketer, you have no reason left to avoid Pay Per Call. If anything, you’ve got every reason to hop on the bandwagon before it’s too late.