3 Reasons You Need To Do Pay Per Call Marketing

At RingPartner, we believe in the power of Pay Per Call marketing. However, telling you it’s a great tool for your marketing approach and providing you with proof to back it up are two different things. BIA/Kelsey has predicted that calls to businesses on mobile phones will reach or surpass 169 billion annually by 2020. Do you really think you can afford to miss out on your piece of that pie?! We didn’t think so, and that’s why in this blog post we’re going to look at three simple reasons you need to be using Pay Per Call for your business.

Maximize Leads You Already Generate!

The leads that you are already working hard to generate from landing pages are, most likely, already resulting in some phone calls to your business too. As web surfers search your business online and find themselves on one of your landing pages, a lack of information might push them to simply pick up the phone and call. With Pay Per Call, you’ll get more credit for the leads you’re already generation. If you think calls are a waste of time, take note of the fact that MarketingLand already found phone calls provide a 30% to 50% conversion rate.

Focus Only on High-Quality Leads

When a visitor to your landing pages fills out an online contact form, there’s little to no guarantee that individual turns into a one-time customer, much less a repeat customer. Lots of web surfers will just use someone else’s name while researching for a friend or put in an email address they infrequently check. By nature, phone calls are higher in quality because it provides an instantaneous connection to the customer in a direct, personal manner that allows you to maximize your interaction with them to the benefit of your brand and business.

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Improve Your ROI

Return on investment is what marketing is all about. If you’re spending X dollars on your marketing efforts, you no doubt hope to rope in X times 2 or even X times 3 in profit for return on that money spent. Because Pay Per Call leads (phone calls) are of a higher quality to begin with and Pay Per Call is becoming increasingly affordable to businesses of all sizes, you’re not only lowering your upfront investment in marketing but improving the odds of turning shoppers into buyers. This boosts your bottom lines and improves your ROI.