Top 5 Reasons Publishers Need to Promote Pay Per Call Campaigns

The guys over at IM Grind have some great resources on pay per call marketing. Check out their Pay Per Call Guide and some of their recent posts “What is Pay Per Call Advertising” and “Calling All Pay Per Call Affiliates“. I highly recommend these resources from IM Grind.

Inspired by some of their great points is this list of the top 5 reasons publishers need to be promoting pay per call campaigns.

Advertisers are Interested

Although pay per call marketing has been around for years, it’s now finally becoming a viable and effective way of generating leads and customers for advertisers. The mass adoption of smart phones is making this possible and is leading to a rise in the demand for pay per call leads. Publisher’s need to recognize this opportunity and get into the space sooner rather than later.

Many Verticals

Pay per call can work for several different verticals and there are some really unique and exciting industries jumping on board. To take advantage of pay per call leads many advertisers don’t need to even have a website and they’re not required to have complex tracking systems. Also, because the fraud risk is much lower with pay per call, performance marketing via pay per call marketing is now much easier to enter, with less risk or required resources.

Higher Commissions

Since you’ll be generating calls directly to the call center for the advertiser they’ll instantly be able to determine your quality and if you can produce better quality traffic, you’ll get a better payout. Also, many advertisers are new and willing to test with higher budgets and payouts to get started in pay per call.

New Marketing Channels

With pay per call you’re not limited to the standard marketing channels. Wherever you can place your tracking number and produce good quality call leads, that can now be you’re new promotional method. Maybe you’ve got some offline methods that you’ve wanted to try, but it didn’t make sense to drive users to a landing page or site, but now all you need that user to do is make a call. Think outside the box and try something unique!

Early Adopter Advantage

Strike while the iron is hot! The iron is hot with pay per call marketing and the industry is still in it’s infancy. Remember what the web was like 5-10 years ago? It was full of opportunity and competition was limited. Well, pay per call is much like that today and if there’s an opportunity for you to cash in on pay per call today with a first mover advantage.

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