Trends Driving Growth In The Pay Per Call Industry

Nothing in this world occurs in a vacuum. The rise of Pay Per Call in recent years hasn’t occurred simply because businesses and marketers are looking for different ways to increase brand awareness and boost conversions. The behavior of consumers and the effectiveness of Pay Per Call are driving growth, but what are the trends that are helping to support that growth?

Mobile is Driving Calls

Although most people user their smartphones to surf the web and play games, the nearly 2 billion smartphones in use around the globe right now are still phones capable of connecting consumers and businesses. The emergence of click-to-call buttons on mobile ads and landing pages makes it even easier for users to place those calls, and 45% of total call volume is now originating from mobile search. No other digital or traditional marketing channel can boast figures close to that percentage.

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Quality is Priority #1

There’s a big difference between generating web traffic, accumulating clicks, and converting inquiring customers into purchasing customers. Quality is an important factor here, and businesses are interested in connecting with consumers directly and immediately through phone calls for a variety of reasons. The most important reason for the rise of Pay Per Call is the quality of the calls businesses can generate, and here’s why calls are better than other types of connections:

  • Consumers who call are motivated buyers.
  • Callers are ready to make a decision, which means less work for you.
  •  Pay Per Call platforms with call intelligence allows you to control the quality of the calls.

Cross-Channel Purchase are Increasing

Consumers rarely use just one form of technology to research, connect, and buy when shopping for products and services. One consumer could research a product on their laptop, search for reviews or locations on a tablet, and make a phone call following a mobile ad search on a smartphone. Tracking these complex paths to purchase was previously very difficult for marketers.

Pay Per Call marketing platforms provide access to tracking tools that allow your business and individual marketers to figure out where a customer’s journey to purchase began, whether it was an online desktop search or the use of a click-to-call button. This makes it easier for businesses to figure out which marketing channels are providing the greatest ROI on market spend, and allow you to hone in on the marketing verticals that generate valuable phone calls.

Marketing trends change on a regular basis, but smartphone use and mobile search are on an upward trajectory that is powering the rise of Pay Per Call.

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