Understanding the Data that Powers Your Pay Per Call Marketing Campaign

Pay Per Call marketing has a lot of benefits for your business, but if you don’t understand the ins and outs of its use, it can be difficult to maximize the benefits of this type of marketing campaign. Below are the three main data points you should familiarize yourself with, as well as a brief overview of how each can help you run an effective Pay Per Call marketing campaign.

Know the 3 C’s of Pay Per Call

When it comes to Pay Per Call marketing, you need to know the 3 Cs:

  • Call Attribution
  • Call Routing
  • Conversation Insight

Each of these data points provides a wealth of information that your business can use to not only increase your customer base and revenue, but also use to enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Call Attribution

As the name suggests, call attribution provides you with data that helps you connect the dots in the consumer journey. With this, you can track each call back to its source, such as the ad, keyword search, or landing page that helped push a customer to call your business. This is particularly useful because it shows you which specific ad campaigns and marketing efforts are attracting customers, and which ones need elimination or tweaking in your marketing scheme.

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Call Routing

You can use call routing to accurately route calls to your business based upon the caller’s location, the time of day/day of the week, the ad that generated the call, or even the keyword search that generated the call. Similar to call attribution, you can use this data to assess the effectiveness of certain marketing channels, but you can also use call routing to improve the performance of your overall Pay Per Call by ensuring each call that comes in goes to the proper department/location based upon the marketing channels generating each call.

Conversation Insight

Last but not least, call recording and conversation analytics help you track the value of every call. This makes it easier to validate lead quality from various sources, but also ensures that your marketing and ad spend goes to the distribution partner providing you with the best customer leads.

The 3 Cs of Pay Per Call data enable you, in the grand scheme, to better optimize your campaign while driving more quality leads and boosting ROI.

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