Using Pay Per Call Campaigns to Help Build Your Small Business

Marketing and advertising are sometimes viewed as too costly for small businesses. With limited funds, it’s important to make sure that you are spending the money you do have wisely to advertise your business. Pay Per Call campaigns are a powerful tool for small businesses, and you can use this tool to successfully build your small business.

Stand Out in a Crowded Niche

Launching a small business from the ground up is difficult, due in no small part to the fact that you’re competing against other large and small brands in a crowded niche for a limited set of customers. Pay Per Call can help you stand out in the crowd and stay ahead of your competition by adding an easy way to contact your company. The click-to-call button makes contacting your business seem appealing and easier to reach than the competition.

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Grab Local Customers

The vast majority of small businesses compete in a local market, and don’t focus on grabbing national and international customers. Catering your Pay Per Call campaign to local customers by using keywords including “near me” will help your small business brand standout to local searchers. From 2016 to 2017, the use of “near me” in local searches surged 146%, and is only expected to grow further with time.

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Customers are Already on Mobile

Pay Per Call is an excellent way to help build your small business because it is ideally situated for use on mobile devices. Consumers are spending more time than ever before on mobile devices. From 2016 to 2017, Americans spent seven more minutes per day on mobile, up to 3 hours and 15 minutes each day. At the same time, desktop usage dropped by one minute and TV viewing decreased by five minutes. All it takes is a click-to-call button in your campaigns, and you can reach more customers while they’re on the go, with greater ease.

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Capitalize on Customer Need

In many cases, customers engaging with Pay Per Call campaigns have an immediate need or are ready to buy, they just need a question answered first or assistance with completing a purchase. Your small business can capitalize on these immediate needs by making it easier for customers to connect with your brand when they’re ready to purchase.

Pay Per Call offers various ways for your small business to grow by helping you stand out from the pack, capture the attention of local customers on the go using their mobile, and answering consumer concerns in their time of need.

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