Viral Secrets of Top Pay Per Call Publishers Revealed

For the better part of the last decade, the brass ring of online marketing has been a campaign that goes “viral” in a spectacular fashion. While it’s easy to analyze a viral campaign after the fact, it’s far more difficult to plan one from the get-go. Fortunately, we have plenty of case studies to draw from when attempting to build a viral campaign from scratch. The following tips and guidelines should be germane to any would-be viral marketer moving forward.

Don’t Try Too Hard

First off, it’s important to avoid the appearance of trying too hard. People can smell the stink of phony promotion pretty quickly, which is why it’s so important to go organic when it comes to viral. Pay Per Call Publishers need to make their overtures as natural as possible regardless of the channel that they’re using to promote their offer numbers. Your message shouldn’t obviously be all about your end target, in other words.

Make Your Content Self-Replicating

It takes a lot of money, time and brainpower to promote something online with consistency. The job becomes much easier when you make your pitch something that people feel like sharing without prompting. This should be your first consideration whenever you embark down the viral marketing road. If your viral marketing content isn’t something you’d share yourself, don’t bother putting it out there. With trial and error, you’ll find the proper path to take.

Tightly Integrate Brand with Broadcast

One of the biggest flubs that aspiring viral marketers manage to make is failing to associate their target brand with their pitch. Pay Per Call Publishers in particular need to make a serious effort to include their promotional sponsor within their advertisements. While “stealth marketing” is a good tactic for many campaigns, viral marketing efforts shouldn’t shy away from their ultimate benefactor. Just be clear about who you’re promoting to avoid embarrassment later on.

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Point Out Something Obvious

The best viral campaigns aren’t coy. They make an obvious, immediate statement that most others don’t want to make. The key is to avoid pitches that offend or otherwise turn off target demographics. In many cases, the direct approach is the best because it comes off as honest. Granted, skirting the line between honesty and offensiveness can be pretty tricky. However, it’s where most viral campaigns tend to succeed when all is said and done.

Don’t Forget to Create Value

Ultimately, viral campaigns must adhere to the same rules that every good content marketing campaign must follow. To be successful, your viral campaign has to actually deliver value in the form of a discount, a helpful infographic or an app. When you’re plotting out a viral promotional campaign, you need to make sure that your followers or listeners get something for free. Otherwise, you’re not accomplishing much with your short-term, fly-by-night promotional efforts.

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Making Pay Per Call a Viral Affair

Regardless of the specific manner in which you’re pushing your Pay Per Call promotional numbers, shooting for a viral hit is never a waste of time or effort. While the likelihood of success can be low, the potential payoffs are just too enticing to pass up. To ensure high-caliber leads, you’ll need a Pay Per Call network that knows how to match customers with publishers in the most efficient manner possible.