What Pay Per Call Offers Should I Be Running and Why?

A guest blog post by: Russell DeCorte

I want to start off this post by thanking the great guys here at Ring Partner for inviting me to write some guest blog posts for them. Thanks guys!

Whether you’re a complete newbie to running Pay Per Call or if you’ve already ran and even profited from pay per call, A common recurring theme seems to be what offers should I be running?

While there are no steadfast rules as to what offers you should run there are some interesting points to consider that are often times overlooked.

The first thing I want to talk about is the psychology of pay per call offers.

For readers that are familiar with my work the next part of this post will resonate.

Consider this: The mobile phone is an extension of the person, With 90% of those surveyed admitting they keep their mobile device within arm’s length, 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Being that the mobile phone is an extension of the person we begin to understand a number of important factors. For one, Mobile phones are an extremely private way to communicate.

For instance, Landlines have become overrun with calls from schools, politicians, charities, and bill collectors, and Email boxes have become littered with Spam, Meaning that people are going to be more selective about the types of communications they receive on their mobile phone.

Therefore Pay Per Call offers must be based on Human needs, Emotion, and/or Habit. Your offer has to be something that fills a need or more importantly solves a problem.

Pay Per Call offers that most readily come to mind when I mention basic human and consumer needs are: Insurance, Home Security, Online College and Continuing Education (.edu offers), Pay Day Loans, Home Improvement and even Dating.

The good news if you’re reading this blog post is, Ring Partner has some very strong performers in these categories live and ready for you to run: (See screenshot below)

Now that we’ve covered a little bit on the psychology of picking your offers, Let’s talk about network wide earnings per click or EPC.

Although many networks don’t provide this information readily to it’s publishers, Ring Revenue is totally awesome about this and actually “Gives” you the network wide EPC on all the offers they have publisher data on. Making it super simple to pick strong performing offers. (See Screenshot Below)

Outside of the psychological factors I covered above this very well may be the easiest way of determining what offer(s) to run.

If you’re having any doubts about your offers you can always conduct some quick and dirty niche/keyword research by using the free tool at Google Trends.

Not only will this free tool tell you whether or not a specific pay per call offer is a trending topic on Google, It will even give you specific data as to what cities and states to target with your promotion. (Not bad for a free tool huh?)

Last but certainly not least and one of the most essential things you should consider is being in weekly communication with your network representative. Consider them your own personal “Spy” on the inside of the network. Their job is to monitor analytics, reporting, and conversions all day every day and nobody has a better grasp as to which offers are converting than your network rep.

So, Put them on “Speed Dial”, Get their email, and add them on Skype or your favorite IM client. Your relationship with them will pay huge dividends in the short term!
Next time you’re considering which pay per call offer or offers to run, I hope you’ll reference this post and remember the three different ways we talked about for picking the best pay per call offer(s).

  • Psychology of the mobile consumer (Is it something people must have or want?)
  • Find out what the network wide EPC is for the offer(s) you are considering
  • Get in contact with your network representative

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