What We’ve Learned About Pay Per Call in 2016

2016 has been rough for a lot of people. Between the demise of celebrity icons and a tense election, people are waiting with bated breath to welcome 2017. The thing about Pay Per Call marketing is that no matter the economic or political climate, there are still consumers that need to immediately connect with businesses.

As we have coached and connected with thousands of our partners over the last year, these are a few of the themes that have come to light.

Call Volume Continues to Grow

Pay Per Call marketing is not a flash in the pan novelty. More companies than ever before recognize the value of inbound consumer calls. As mobile usage continues to dominate, so do calls to businesses. An estimated 162 billion calls will be sent to businesses in 2020.

Voice is the New Frontier

More consumers are using voice as means to interact with their mobile devices. Whether they are conducting a voice search or interacting with an automated assistant, consumers will often turn those voice interactions into a direct call to the business or service they are researching. It’s becoming a voice driven world.

Call Tracking is Evolving

The technology and tools that support Pay Per Call continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The industry has realized that tracking beyond the call duration is key. Call duration isn’t always a great indicator of a high converting campaign- the quality of your calls is king. You can use call intelligence tools to improve the quality of your calls. It can be helpful to analyze keywords and phrases to ensure quality calls and an effective ad spend. A couple of the companies that are doing this well right now include Invoca and Convirza.

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As we transition to a new year, 2017 is shaping up to be a big year for mobile and Pay Per Call marketing. Consumers continue to embrace more voice-based interactions and that’s only good news for marketers & businesses around the globe.

Mike Williams is the President & Co-Founder of RingPartner, the Pay Per Call exchange. When he’s not thinking about Pay Per Call marketing or leading the RingPartner team, he likes hanging out with his wife & four kids and getting in his CrossFit workouts.

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