Why Investing in Inbound Calls is Worth it

Inbound marketing is the most effective means of boosting engagement between customers and brands. Inbound marketing, as a whole, includes content creation, social media, email marketing, and phone calls. Among these options, inbound calls are an incredibly valuable tool for small businesses trying to boost brand recognition and engage with more consumers. Here are just four of the many benefits inbound calls offer your small business.

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Boost ROI from Marketing Spend

All means of inbound marketing are designed to attract customers. You want them to engage with your business, whether that’s a lead form, email, or a phone call. However, inbound phone calls have proven more valuable when it comes to improving the return-on-investment from marketing spend. The reason for this is simple. Pay Per Call generates calls from customers that are further down the sales funnel. They’ve done their research and know what they want, they just need to talk to someone to close the deal from their end.

Generate More Revenue

When you connect with customers that are further down the sales funnel and ready to make a purchasing decision, you can generate more revenue for your business. There are two reasons for this. First, you’ll spend less time sending and receiving emails, reading and responding to lead forms, and generally working to figure out what customers want. Consumers who call can tell you right away what their needs are and you can offer the best solution. Secondly, you can drive inbound calls through Pay Per Call for a more effective rate than clicks or landing page visits. This doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily less expensive. It does mean, however, that you’ll generate more revenue faster with inbound phone calls than you will be waiting on countless clicks or a flood of lead forms.

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Track Marketing Performance Better

Digital marketing campaigns require constant attention and regular tweaks. Inbound phone calls provide a treasure trove of data that you can use to make quality adjustments to your Pay Per Call and other inbound marketing campaigns. Pay Per Call delivers data such as the age and location of the caller, and can even tell you which search terms they used that led to a particular ad that resulted in the initiated phone call.

Close Deals Quicker

The greatest benefit your company will enjoy from inbound calls is the ability to close deals quicker. When you communicate with consumers directly, you can figure out what their pain points are sooner. Rather than mixing up messages or not understanding exactly what their issue is through digital communications, inbound calls allow you to quickly address customer issues. It also allows you to provide a sense of humanity for the brand while informing callers of your precise services and products. You can even use that time on the phone to explain why your brand is the best one to go with for solving their issue. In the end, you can close deals quicker.

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