Why Pay Per Call Blows Online Lead Forms Out of the Water

Through much of the early 21st century, businesses encouraged customers to skip the phone and fill out a lead form online to initiate contact. Lead forms required less effort on the business side, and it was believed that high-value leads would be generated as only those with genuine interest would fill out lead forms. However, the tide is turning away from lead forms courtesy of a revolution in Pay Per Call. So, why is it that Pay Per Call beats out lead forms?

Did You Remember to Call This Person? Whoops…

Contact rates for lead forms have been, simply put, pathetic. According to a study conducted by InsideSales, and noted by Forbes, roughly 71% of web leads are never contacted. When customers fill out an online lead form, the onus immediately falls on your business to initiate actual contact on the phone. What happens when no one remembers to reach out?

With Pay Per Call marketing, you get interested customers calling your business, rather than waiting for your employees to call back customers who have reached out online. Inbound phone calls have a 100% contact rate.

Quality Targets

The primary purpose of your marketing dollars is to attract customers who are actually interested in buying your product or service. Like it or not, online lead forms often generate prospects with little interest. Many fill out online forms just to gain greater access to your site. On the other hand, when a customer calls in to you, they are ready to act. Pay Per Call generates higher quality targets, plain and simple.

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Matches Consumer Behavior

We all live with a smartphone or tablet within arm’s reach at all times of day. Consumers are conducting more research, buying more products, and tooling around more on smartphones today than at any other point in the brief history of these devices. Online lead forms are a pain to fill out online, but Pay Per Call utilizes the basic purpose of a smartphone (for calling), by making it easy for consumers to simply click a button and get in touch with your business.

It’s Easier for You, and More Effective Too

Your business will spend a lot of money managing, nurturing, and contacting leads generated by online lead forms. The goal of your sales department is to get your agents on the phone with consumers, so why not rely on Pay Per Call to do so? Instead of sifting through data from lead forms, which can be inaccurate, Pay Per Call puts your sales agents on the phone immediately with customers in a buying state of mind.

Pay Per Call marketing is more effective and easier to manage than an online lead form. If you really want to maximize your marketing spend, communicate with high-value consumers, and boost your revenue, turn to Pay Per Call marketing to meet all those goals.

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