Why Pay Per Call is Still Relevant Today

With mobile search surpassing desktop searches, phone calls have become even more important. As of 2018, mobile search has driven more than 7.8 billion calls annually to businesses both small and large. In fact, 61% of mobile searches result in a phone call to businesses. Those figures should be enough to convince any business of the value of Pay Per Call. If you’re still not sure, here are a few more reasons why Pay Per Call remains relevant in the digital age.

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Consumers Want Quick Answers

The phone is still relevant because consumers need answers and they cannot always get them from online content. More importantly, they cannot always get those answers quickly when their problem is an urgent one. Google research on “click to call” found that 59% of customers prefer to call business over using email because they need answers quickly. On top of that figure, 57% of people call businesses because they still prefer to speak to an actual human being.

Consumers Want Help with Complex Issues

It is impossible to put every bit of information regarding your business, product/service, and benefits on your website. Consumers may have complex issues that you cannot account for in designing landing pages, FAQs, and blog posts. If, however, consumers can reach out to your brand over the phone they can get those answers. When a customer has a complex issue for which they cannot find an answer within your online content, phone calls are their best hope. It enables them to quickly connect with the business and clearly explain person-to-person the issue facing them. As such, it’s no surprise that 40% of consumers want to speak to a real person over the phone when an issue is otherwise too complex.

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Conversion Rates are Superior

Every digital marketing effort is graded by its conversion rates when judging success. If you’re in contact with customers but they aren’t buying from your business, then you are wasting money in your marketing efforts. Pay Per Call is valuable because the customers picking up the phone to call your business have a defined need. Whether they know exactly what they’re looking for and can’t quite find relevant info on your website or because they have an urgent need, customers who call are more likely to convert because they are further along in the sales process. They’ve done their research, identified your product/service as fitting their need, and just need to confirm before converting from searcher to buyer.

Your Business Enjoys Greater ROI

The best marketing money is money well spent. If you’re going to invest your marketing spend into customer engagement, Pay Per Call is the most beneficial for many brands. You’ll spend less money compared to email leads or ad clicks, and as a result, you’ll generate phone calls from customers looking for what you have to offer. This boosts your return on investment (ROI) by targeting customers further along the sales funnel who need less assistance to complete the conversion.

Your Business Gets More Revenue

Finally, your business will enjoy greater revenue. You’re not only spending less marketing funds to generate those phone calls, but you’re converting customers to buyers faster. It is much easier to close deals, schedule appointments, and sell your services over the phone than it is through lead form responses or back-and-forth emails with a customer.

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