Why Retargeting with Pay Per Call is Essential

There are countless tools available to savvy digital marketers and Pay Per Call advertisers today, and none is more important to your overall marketing campaign than retargeting. With the use of one tiny piece of code, you can ensure that your ads are viewed by targeted consumers at the right time along their digital journey to help convert lookers to buyers. Learn why retargeting with Pay Per Call is important to your business.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting is, quite simply, the use of a tracking code on your website to help you analyze the web browsing tendencies of potential customers. The tiny piece of code goes on your website, has no impact on its performance, and is eventually dropped into a viewer’s browser cookie to follow their movements after your site is visited.

When Does Retargeting Work?

If you’re thinking about using retargeting with Pay Per Call, it’s helpful to understand when it is best used. You can use it as a powerful branding and conversion optimization option within your larger digital marketing strategy. It is best used in conjunction with inbound or outbound marketing, such as Pay Per Call as an example of inbound marketing.

Where inbound marketing such as Pay Per Call drives traffic for your business, retargeting helps to increase conversions from your Pay Per Call campaign by bringing them back to your site or reproducing your ads after they’ve already visited on one occasion.

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Why Retargeting is Important?

Retargeting with Pay Per Call is vital because you may not catch every lead that comes in the first time. They may view your Pay Per Call ad, but not click on it right away because they don’t have time at the moment. Alternatively, they may follow a Pay Per Call ad to your landing page and look around, but not take any action.

Retargeting helps put your brand back in front of the eyeballs of previous visitors by recapturing their attention later on in their web journeys with banner or search ads from your Pay Per Call campaign that remind them of your brand (based upon a previous visit, and that tracking codes) and encourage them to take action now.

If you want to boost conversions, retargeting with Pay Per Call helps you recapture previous leads that (for one reason or another) simply didn’t take action the first time around.

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