Why Urgent Services are Great for Pay Per Call

There are various forms of communication available for consumers hoping to connect with a brand. Email newsletters, text notifications, online lead forms, and phone calls all offer the opportunity for consumers to connect with your business. In certain industries though, Pay Per Call stands head and shoulders above the competition in the mind of consumers and provides more quality leads for your business. If you provide an urgent service as part of your services, here are a few reasons why Pay Per Call is great for your niche.

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Pay Per Call Generates “Hot Leads”

When a consumer fills out your lead form or directly emails a member of your staff, those leads are considered “cold leads.” That same consumer could have filled out a number of other lead forms or emailed several companies. By the time you respond, they may have already gotten the service they needed.

Comparatively, Pay Per Call generates what can be considered “hot leads.” Consumers picking up the phone to call a business or pushing a click-to-call button know what they want, they just need some clarification or assistance getting across the finish line as a conversion. For urgent services, such as locksmiths or plumbing services, phone calls are vital to providing the much-needed service a consumer is looking for in a timely manner.

Phone Calls are Mobile Friendly

Given Google’s hyper-focus on mobile-friendly designs, your brand needs to do all it can to focus on the mobile side of your business. Consumers are more likely to tap a click-to-call button to connect with your firm than fill out a long lead form on a mobile device. In fact, Google research from 2013 showed that even then 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

Impressive Response Time

When it comes to urgent services, consumers are calling because they have an immediate need. Whereas lead forms or emails could take minutes or even hours to generate a response for the consumer, the ability to call your brand through a Pay Per Call ad offers the benefit of immediacy in resolving a problem.

Value to Your Business

Due to the immediacy of the service provided, phone calls offer a greater value for your marketing dollar than other forms of digital marketing. Pay Per Call generates high-quality leads from consumers ready to purchase. All your business has to do is answer the phone. It’s no wonder that 65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable source of high-quality leads.

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