Why Your Pay Per Call CTA isn’t Converting

All Pay Per Call campaigns rely on a call to action, or CTA, for success. The CTA you attach to your Pay Per Call efforts needs to elicit an action from your viewers in order to truly generate revenue from your marketing spend. However, many marketers are faced with constantly underperforming CTAs that simply don’t lead to conversions. So, why is it that your Pay Per Call CTAs are falling flat?

You’re Not Impelling Action from Consumers

Words make a big difference in your CTAs, and in many cases the wrong words can lead to low conversion rates for your Pay Per Call campaigns. You need to focus on using action verbs in your CTAs to elicit the right reaction out of viewers, but the content in those words matters just as much as having them in your CTA in the first place. For example, consider the following dos and don’ts of CTA language:

  • Do Use Words Like

    • Subscribe to our newsletter for insider access

    • Your free roofing estimate is just a call away

  • Don’t Use Words Like

    • Click Submit

    • Call Us Right Now

    • Subscribe to Our Emails

You’re Not Grabbing Enough Attention

If you’re going to stand out in the crowd, the first thing your Pay Per Call ads need to do is actually stand out. Many low conversion rates are simply the result of ads that don’t grab the attention of the viewer. It’s not that your brand/service/product isn’t the one they’re looking for, but rather that they aren’t seeing it through the clutter. Follow these dos and don’ts:

  • DO

    • Integrate color into your ads to give it an extra visual “pop”

    • Experiment with Pay Per Call ad shape and size to fit different web layouts

    • Place your CTA higher on the page

  • DON’T

    • Bury the lead. CTA’s “below the fold,” or after the first scroll, are 50% less likely to be seen.

    • Use monotone text script and image colors

    • Implement one-size-fits-all ad boxes

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Never Stop Testing

Your Pay Per Call campaign is only going to be successful over time if you test your marketing efforts to see what’s working and what isn’t. You can start with A-B testing, running two Pay Per Call ads with different CTAs, language, colors, size, shape, and location to see which one performs better when it comes to conversions. Testing helps you find the effective approaches and adopt them to your overall marketing campaign.

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