2020 Marketing Trends

Marketing is a tough industry to gauge. Trends can change with time, but nothing changes faster than digital marketing in the modern era. As marketers test out new tactics and customer behaviors change with time, marketers have to adjust quickly as certain trends prove fruitless and others point to reliable efforts. 2020 is sure to bring more changes to the marketing landscape and you need to keep up to stay in the game. Below are four marketing trends you can expect to dominate in 2020.

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Personalized marketing has been growing in recent years, but 2020 figures to provide a breakout year for personalization in marketing. Consumers have figured out how to spot genuine content online amidst a flood of generic ads that don’t really offer value or solve pain points. When 1,000 people were surveyed, 90% of them identified personalization as incredibly appealing. Additionally, 80% of those individuals noted that they would prefer to spend their money with companies that took the time to personalize their experience. One such example of personalization is the tried-and-true email marketing list. These lists can be segmented to personalize content and connect with specific segments of the audience in a meaningful way.

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Interactive Content

Consumers are constantly on the lookout for a new experience when shopping online. For many consumers, that new experience is something interactive. To that end, 91% of those consumers are looking for content that is different and new. That is the primary reason that interactive content is on the rise in popularity. There are benefits to your brand beyond catching the eye of consumers looking for something new. For starters, interactive content can keep visitors on your web page longer. Because interactive content is shareable, awareness of your brand can skyrocket as users share your interactive content online. Finally, interactive content is more engaging than other forms of marketing materials. Consumers simply enjoy it more than others.

Google Ads

It’s no secret that Google has long been a go-to platform for marketers and now there is another reason to hop on board. Google recently updated its Google Ads platform in a manner that is likely to push more marketers toward automation and smart bidding. The latter of those two, smart bidding, is likely to serve as an emerging trend in 2020.

The new updates to Google Ads increase the value of its machine learning by optimizing your bid prices. This will provide several abilities that help your brand maximum conversions with customers. These include:

  • Selecting the conversion action at the campaign level of your marketing

  • Setting bids to change automatically when sales start and stop

  • Optimizing bids across multiple campaigns with a chosen set of conversion actions selected

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Content Marketing

Last but not least, the king remains atop the heap as content marketing maintains its value to marketers. Not all tried-and-true trends fall by the wayside. Some of them retain their value even as marketing tactics change. As the years passed, content marketing remains popular, but there is always a twist to keep in mind. In the case of content marketing, it isn’t enough to simply produce content.

The key to winning with content marketing is to produce high-quality content. For example, live video on Facebook and Instagram is watched for longer than pre-record videos posted to the same websites and has been shown to produce more interactions than traditional videos.

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